With bulk vehicle and tag management, electronic monthly invoicing and detailed trip data – your business is always good to go.
Commercial Account
Manage your fleet with bulk vehicle and tag management, electronic monthly invoicing and detailed trip data.
    • Manage your account online, with advanced tools
      Features include bulk vehicle management, online data and analytics 
    • Monthly invoices and an annual account fee of $71.50
    • Add your ABN or ACN to assist with business invoicing
    • Covers Australia-wide travel
    • Provides access to Melbourne Airport taxi areas (with a tag only)
    • Specialist support team 
      Commercial Account experts are on hand to help when you need it
* Once your Commercial Account has been approved, you can cover trips made up to 9 days ago on all toll roads in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland, except for Eastlink (VIC), and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel (NSW). If you need to travel while waiting for your account to be approved, you'll need to buy a passLearn more about covering past trips
^ When you pay using an accepted credit or debit card, you will be charged a payment card surcharge
# A video matching fee is charged to match your licence plate number to an account when you travel without a tag. The fee varies depending on the road you travel on. 
Commercial Account applications are subject to a credit check.
We're here to help

Our customer call centre is available 
7am to 7pm, Mon to Fri (VIC/NSW) and 7am to 7pm 7 days a week (QLD).
Call 13 33 31

Run a business but don't need to manage a large fleet? 

Open a Prepaid or Postpaid Account and save on fees


Taxi drivers and owners 

If you don't manage a large fleet, you can open a Prepaid Account and save on the annual fees of a Commercial Account. Your Prepaid Account with a tag provides all you need to get your taxi on the road.

Learn about the Prepaid Account

two cars representing small fleets

Businesses with small fleets

If you don't need advanced data management tools, a Prepaid or Postpaid Account might be a good option. You can still upload your ABN or ACN and easily manage your business's toll road travel – without the annual fees of a Commercial Account.

Compare accounts

Related Help articles

  • Applying for a Commercial Account

    Applying for a Commercial Account

    Here’s what you’ll need to apply for a Commercial Account application, and what happens after you apply.  

    Submit your application online

    You'll need:

    • An Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN)
    • A business address, telephone number and email address for invoicing
    • The licence plate number, state of registration, make, model and fleet ID (if applicable) of one vehicle. You can add your other vehicles once your application is approved. 

    Credit check consent and financial information

    As part of the online application process, you’ll need to agree to a credit check. We may also ask for additional financial information.

    When you have these details ready, you can apply for a Commercial Account online

    After you apply

    Our commercial team will review your application. If we need any extra information, we'll contact you by email and let you know what we need. But here's an idea of what to expect.

    Within 24 hours
    You'll receive an email that confirms your application.

    Within 2 days
    We'll do a credit check and confirm whether we need more information from you.

    Within 2 weeks
    We'll let you know about the outcome of your application. If your application's approved, you can then add vehicles to your account.

    If you need to travel before your application is approved
    To be covered for immediate travel, you'll need to buy a pass. You can compare our passes to find one that's suitable.

    We’re here to help

    You can contact our customer care team if you need extra support.

  • Paying your Commercial Account invoices

    Paying your Commercial Account invoices

    Our Commercial Accounts are billed monthly and include 14-day payment terms. The payment options available will depend on whether you pay your invoices manually or with auto pay.

    You can update your payment preferences at any time when you log in to your account.

    Auto pay

    When you pay your invoices with auto pay, the invoice amount will be automatically debited from your chosen payment card or bank account on the due date.

    Set up auto pay

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Select ‘Payment details’ from the menu
    3. In the Payment details section, select ‘Set your auto pay’ and then ‘Continue’
    4. Enter your credit / debit card*, or bank account details
    5. Select ‘Continue’ and now you’re set up with auto pay

    *A payment card surcharge may apply when you pay with a debit or credit card. To avoid this surcharge, you can add your bank account to pay with direct debit.

    Manual payments

    You can manually pay your invoices online with your chosen payment card or bank account. If you need to pay your invoices with BPAY, make sure you select 'manual'.

    Set up manual payments

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Select ‘Payment details’ from the menu
    3. In the Payment details section, select ‘Edit’
    4. Select ‘Manual’ and then 'Update'
    5. Verify your payment details and select ‘Continue’

    Late payment fees

    There’s a late payment fee of $5.50 + 1.5% of the overdue amount that may apply.

  • Installing tags in a heavy commercial vehicle

    Installing tags in a heavy commercial vehicle

    Your tag will arrive activated and ready for use. It comes with a holder that sticks firmly to your vehicle’s windscreen.

    1. Insert the tag into its holder

    Slide the tag into its holder until it clicks into place. Leave the backing on the adhesive for now.

    Mini tag

    Small tag

    2. Decide where to place your tag

    Before removing the backing from the adhesive, trial fit the tag on your windscreen a few centimetres above the dashboard. Mini tags should be aligned horizontally while small tags align vertically.

    Ensure there are at least 7cm between the tag and other objects. This will allow you to easily remove your tag from the holder.

    Mini tag

    Small tag

    3. Stick your tag in place

    Once you're happy with the position, clean the area with a cloth and allow it to dry.

    Remove the tape from the holder and press the tag firmly against the windscreen for 30 seconds. 

    Mini tag

    Small tag

    Make sure your tag is correctly installed and working, otherwise it won't be detected and you may incur a video matching fee or receive a toll invoice or notice.

    4. My tag is installed, now what?

    Now that your tag is installed correctly you can travel on toll roads. Your tag will beep when it passes through a tolling point. Find out about what the tags beeps mean or what to do if it doesn’t beep.

    You don’t need to do anything online except for making sure that your account is topped up. Your Linkt account will automatically detect that your tag is in a vehicle and when you log in to your account the Tags and holders screen will display the last known licence plate of the vehicle making trips charged to your tag account.

  • The differences between commercial and non-commercial accounts

    The differences between commercial and non-commercial accounts

    Here are some differences between the Commercial Account and non-commercial accounts (Prepaid or Postpaid Accounts) to help you decide what’s right for your business.

    Commercial Account

    Suitable for:
    • Large commercial fleets
    • Large taxi fleets

    Prepaid and Postpaid Accounts

    Suitable for:
    • Individuals and families
    • Businesses with a small fleet or low toll road use
    • Taxis with a tag only (on a Prepaid Account)
    If you operate a large fleet of vehicles, the Commercial Account provides advanced tools to help you manage your fleet’s toll road travel Australia-wide. For businesses that manage a smaller fleet or just 1 vehicle, a Prepaid Account or Postpaid Account provides a more cost-effective option to manage your toll road travel Australia-wide. 

    Annual fee

    There is an annual fee of $71.50 for Commercial Accounts.

    Opening fees

    You can open a Prepaid Account with a $20 minimum opening credit (which is credited to your future toll road travel) or a Postpaid Account for a one-off opening fee ($3.50 online and $5.00 by phone).

    Monthly invoice

    Monthly invoicing for your fleet's toll road travel, which includes 14 day payment terms and itemised financial data.

    Pay as you go

    Pay for your toll road travel either before you travel (with a Prepaid Account) or on the same day you travel (with a Postpaid Account).

    Fleet management tools

    Our Commercial Account includes advanced tools designed to help you manage, track and pay your fleet’s tolls. It features enhanced data and analytics, a dedicated commercial support team and your online fleet management hub.

    Standard account management

    Manage vehicles and payments in your account online or using the Linkt app. You can also add your ABN or ACN to assist with your business invoicing. 

    Learn more about our Commercial Account

    Learn more about our Prepaid Account

    Learn more about our Postpaid Account