Postpaid Account basics

All Prepaid and Postpaid customers also get

Is a Postpaid Account right for you? 

Compare some of the main features between our Postpaid Account, Prepaid Account, and Visitor's Pass:

Prepaid Account
Top up your balance and pay for your tolls using the credit you've added to your account
Australia-wide travel
Covers tag or tagless# travel on all toll roads in Australia
  • No opening fee – Minimum starting balance of $20 required, used as credit to cover your toll road travel
  • Auto or manual top ups^ to keep your account in credit – low $10 minimum top up amount
  • Travel covered on all toll roads in Australia
  • Linkt Customer Rewards+
  • Cover trips made up to 9 days ago*
  • Ongoing cover for toll road travel
Visitor's Pass
You’ll be good to go for up to 30 days on any toll road in Melbourne
All Melbourne toll roads
Tagless# travel on CityLink and EastLink
  • Opening fee – $3.50 online or $5.00 over the phone
  • Auto payments^ at the end of each day you travel on toll roads
  • Travel covered on all Victorian toll roads#
  • No Linkt Customer Rewards
  • Cover trips made up to 5 days ago~
  • Cover toll road travel for up to 30 days
* With a Prepaid, Postpaid or an approved Commercial Account, you can cover trips made up to 9 days ago on all toll roads in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland, except for Eastlink (VIC) and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel (NSW). If you need to travel while waiting for your Commercial Account to be approved, you'll need to buy a pass. Learn more about covering past trips
^ When you pay using an accepted credit or debit card, you will be charged a payment card surcharge
+ See offer terms for full conditions. Excludes LPG and Adblue. Min fill 2L, max fill 150L per transaction. Once redeemed, you will be eligible for a new barcode by 9am the next calendar day.
# A video matching fee is charged to match your licence plate number to an account each time you travel without a tag. The fee varies depending on the road you travel on.

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  • About tags

    About tags

    Tags are an electronic device that you can attach to your vehicle to easily track your trips on toll roads. Your tag attaches to the inside of your windscreen and makes a beeping sound whenever your vehicle passes through a toll point.

    You can travel with or without a tag with any of our accounts.  Tags are a conveninent option, but you don't need one to open an account and travel. Using a tag means you won't be charged a video matching fee. We recommend adding your vehicle to your account even if you use a tag, so you don't receive a toll invoice if your tag isn't working. 

    Because our passes are for short term travel, instead of a tag, we simply link your licence plate number to your pass, so that we know when you travel. 

    Travel with a tag

    All you need to do when you receive your tag from us is to install it correctly in your vehicle, then you’re good to go. Your tag should beep when you pass through a toll point. Learn what to do if your tag isn't beeping.  

    Prepaid and Postpaid Accounts

    You can have up to 1 tag for every vehicle on your Prepaid or Postpaid Account. You don't need to allocate tags to a vehicle. 

    Commercial Account

    If you have a Commercial Account, you can choose to allocate tags to vehicles in your fleet. Allocating tags to vehicles can make it easier to reconcile trips with vehicles in your fleet.  You can have an unlimited number of tags on a Commercial Account. 

    Travel without a tag 

    To travel without a tag: 

    • Link your licence plate number to your pass or account. This option comes with a video matching fee, which is charged for each trip on a toll road
    • If you're an occasional toll road user, you can buy a pass before or up to 5 days after you travel on CityLink and up to 3 days after EastLink travel
    • If your licence plate number isn't registered to your account, you may receive a toll invoice or notice, which includes additional fees

    Motorcycles don't use tags and are not charged a video matching fee. 

  • About Linkt Customer Rewards

    About Linkt Customer Rewards

    Linkt Customers Rewards is a program available to all Linkt and LinktGO account customers as part of your account. It excludes Commercial Accounts and pass products. It's our way of saying thanks for being a customer.

    We're currently offering a fuel discount with Shell Coles Express. More rewards will be added to the program for you to enjoy soon.


    To be eligible for Linkt Customer Rewards, you must:

    • Be a Linkt or LinktGO customer
    • Have a Linkt account (excluding passes and Commercial Accounts)
    • Have an account that is not in suspension
    • Access your account using the Linkt website or the Linkt or LinktGO apps

    Linkt rewards partners

    Viva Energy is the exclusive licensee of the Shell brand in Australia and provides consumer and business customers with quality Shell products, like fuel. Linkt, together with Viva Energy, bring you 4c off per litre on fuel every day at any Shell Coles Express. Offer excludes LPG and Adblue. For more detail, please see the fuel discount offer terms and conditions

    Combining Linkt rewards with other offers

    You can combine your Linkt fuel discount with other Coles Express offers like their supermarket docket and the 'spend $20 in-store' offer to save up to 18c per litre on fuel.

    Offers can be used separately or together and are subject to change from time to time by Shell Coles Express. The 'spend $20 in-store and save 10c per litre' offer is not available in the Australian Capital Territory or Queanbeyan New South Wales stores. For more details, see the Coles Express terms and conditions


    This discount excludes any others offered to you in whole or part by Viva Energy. If you show any other Viva Energy-funded fuel discount offer for redemption from any other party e.g. Flybuys, Shell Racing Team app (in addition to the fuel offer from Linkt), only the highest cents per litre fuel discount barcode will be redeemable. If all the Viva Energy-funded fuel discount offers have the same cents per litre discount value, then only the first fuel discount offer presented will be redeemed.

    Linkt Customer Rewards are not exchangeable, transferable or redeemable for cash.

    + See offer terms for full conditions. Excludes LPG and Adblue. Min fill 2L, max fill 150L per transaction. Once redeemed, you will be eligible for a new barcode by 9am the next calendar day.


  • Video matching fees

    Video matching fees

    If you pass a toll point with no tag, or a tag that's not installed or working properly, we’ll take a photo of your licence plate to check if it’s registered to your pass or account. This photo comes with a video matching fee (previously called a no tag in vehicle fee). 

    A video matching fee is between $0.54–$0.75, depending on where you travel. 


    Road name Video matching fee
    CityLink   $0.55 per trip     
    EastLink  $0.32 per trip

    New South Wales

    Road name Video matching fee
    M1/Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel $0.55 per trip
    Hills M2 $0.55 per trip
    WestConnex M4 $0.55 per trip
    M5 East and M5 South-West Motorway $0.55 per trip
    WestConnex M8 $0.55 per trip
    NorthConnex $0.55 per trip
    Lane Cove Tunnel  $0.55 per trip
    Cross City Tunnel  $0.55 per trip
    WestLink M7 $0.75 per trip


    Road name Video matching fee

     $0.54 per trip                  
    • Clem 7
    • Gateway Motorway
    • Go-Between Bridge
    • Logan Motorway
    • Toowoomba Bypass
    $0.54 per toll point 

    Travel with or without a tag

    You can choose to travel with or without a tag. If you'd prefer not to use a tag, all you need to do is add your vehicle's licence plate number to your account, and we'll take care of the rest.

    If your tag is installed and working, you won't be charged a video matching fee. 

    If you have a tag but were charged a vehicle matching fee, you can do a tag health check to ensure it's working properly. 

  • How tolling works

    How tolling works

    Toll roads are roads that drivers must pay to use. In Australia, all toll roads are electronically tolled, which means there are no cash booths.

    The amount you pay can depend on:

    You can travel on any toll road in Australia with our accounts and passes.

    Options to cover your toll road travel

    The most convenient way to pay for toll road travel is to open an account.

    If you're visiting Melbourne or only need to use toll roads for a short time, you can buy a pass.

    If you've travelled without an account or a pass

    Cover CityLink trips made up to: 

    •  5 days ago with a Linkt pass
    •  9 days ago by opening an account

    Learn more about covering past trips

    A toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle's owner if trips aren't paid for in this time, which includes additional fees. It's important to pay any toll invoices before the due date to avoid additional fees or infringement notices. Learn more about overdue and unpaid toll invoices

    If you need help deciding which account or pass is right for you, answer a few questions to see your options.

    Learn more about tolling

    Watch these short videos to find out more about how tolling works and which Linkt account or pass may be right for you.