A Visitor's Pass is the quick and easy way to get around town.
With a Visitor's Pass, you're good to go for up to 30 days on any toll road in Melbourne. 
All you need to hit the road is a credit or debit card and your licence plate number.
Buy a Visitor's Pass 
Visitor's Pass
A Visitor’s Pass has you covered on CityLink and EastLink, so you’ll be good to go for up to 30 days on any toll road in Melbourne.


    • All Melbourne toll roads
      CityLink and EastLink#
    • Multiple vehicles
    • Cover trips made up to 5 days ago~
    • Auto payments^ after each day of travel#
    • Low opening fee
      Online: $3.50
      Phone: $5.00

~ With a Visitor's Pass, you can cover CityLink trips made up to 5 days ago, and EastLink trips made up to 3 days ago. Learn more about covering past trips
^ When you pay using an accepted credit or debit card, you will be charged a payment card surcharge.
# A
video matching fee is charged when you travel to match your licence plate number to your Visitor's Pass. The fee varies depending on the road you travel on.

Toll roads in Victoria

In Victoria, both toll roads are in Melbourne. Melbourne's two toll roads give drivers a convenient and safe way to get around the city.

A Visitor's Pass makes it easy to pay your tolls for:

  • CityLink, which links Melbourne's CBD, port and airport, and 
  • EastLink, linking Melbourne's eastern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula

Travelled more than 5 days ago? 

Open an account

Cover CityLink trips made up to 9 days ago* by opening an account. Travelling on a toll road without a valid account or a pass means you'll receive a toll invoice in the mail. This invoice covers the cost of your tolls plus admin fees. The easiest way to avoid toll invoices is to open an account.

Learn more about Prepaid Learn more about Postpaid

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  • How passes work

    How passes work

    Once you buy a pass, you'll be ready to travel on your chosen dates. Overhead cameras at toll points will take a photo of your licence plate number to match your vehicle to your pass, so you won't need a tag. 

    To buy a pass, you’ll need:

    Passes could be a great option if you don’t use toll roads regularly. You can buy your pass before you travel, or up to 5 days after travelling on a toll road. It’s that easy.

    Buying a pass ensures you avoid receiving a toll invoice, which includes additional admin fees. You can also enjoy the benefits of toll roads, without needing to open an account.

    Choose the right pass for you

    We have a range of pass options for short-term travel. The best choice will depend on where you’d like to travel and how many trips you’ll make.

    Visitor’s Pass

    A Visitor’s Pass has you covered on CityLink and EastLink, so you’ll be good to go for up to 30 days on any toll road in Victoria. Cover your toll road trips with auto payments after each day of travel. 

    24 Hour Tulla Pass and 24 Hour CityLink Pass

    If you plan to use CityLink a few times in 24 hours, our 24 Hour Passes make travel simple and affordable. Get 24 hours of unlimited travel for a set price. Choose from the 24 Hour CityLink Pass, which gives you access to all sections of CityLink, or the 24 Hour Tulla Pass for CityLink access between Flemington Road and Bulla Road only.

    Weekend Pass

    The Weekend Pass gives you unlimited access to CityLink from midday Friday to midnight Sunday for one set price.

  • Pass rules and limits

    Pass rules and limits

    You can purchase a combined total of 12 CityLink passes per vehicle in a 12 month period, including our:

    • CityLink Weekend Pass
    • 24 Hour CityLink Pass
    • 24 Hour Tulla Pass

    There are no limits on how many Visitor's Passes you can buy each year. 

    If you've bought a second hand vehicle and you want to reset the annual limit, we can do that for you — you just need to send us: 

    Once you have one of these documents, you can ask us to reset your vehicle's annual pass limit by contacting us

    Update or cancel a pass 

    You can update or cancel a pass up until the cut off time, before your scheduled travel. Updates may include changes to travel dates and vehicle details. With a Visitor's Pass, you can also update your payment and login details.

    Once you’ve purchased your pass:

    • you can get a refund or credit if you haven't used your pass and you request the refund before the pass expires 
    • you can't get a refund or discount if you've made fewer trips than you planned

    Update or cancel a Weekend or 24 Hour Pass

    Update or cancel a Visitor's Pass 

    If you need to use toll roads regularly, opening an account could be a better option for you.

    Travel included in your pass

    Weekend Pass and 24 Hour Passes

    Our Weekend Pass and 24 Hour Passes give you unlimited CityLink travel during a set time frame for a set price. That means you can take as many trips as you like during that time frame and all trips are covered in the price of your pass. 

    Visitor’s Pass

    With our Visitor’s Pass, you’ll pay for trips as you go. So, you can travel on both CityLink and EastLink during your nominated 30-day period and you'll pay the toll price for each trip you make.

  • Paying for a pass

    Paying for a pass

    You can pay for all our passes online with an accepted credit or debit card, including the:

    You may be charged a payment card surcharge.

    All passes, except for the Visitor’s Pass, can also be purchased in person with cash or card. 

    Paying for tolls

    With a Visitor's Pass, you pay for your travel on CityLink and EastLink as you go  your tolls will be charged at the end of each day you travel.

    All our other passes include unlimited travel for a set price for the duration of your pass, on the section of CityLink covered by your pass.

    Visitor's Pass payment and billing

    If your card payment fails, your Visitor’s Pass will be temporarily suspended. We’ll keep trying to charge the card linked to your pass, however the vehicle owner may be issued with a toll invoice (which includes an admin fee) for each trip that you take while the pass is suspended.

    To keep your payment details up to date and avoid admin fees or pass suspension:

    1. Log in to your pass account
    2. Select ‘Edit automatic payment’
    3. Update your details and select 'Save'

    Fees and tolls on your Visitor's Pass

    Our Visitor’s Pass has a set opening fee of $3.50 online or $5.00 over the phone. 

    Additional costs on your pass could be:

    Buying a pass after you’ve bought a used vehicle

    You can purchase a combined total of 12 CityLink passes per vehicle in a 12-month period.

    If you’ve just bought a used vehicle, the previous owner may have bought CityLink passes with that vehicle. But that’s no problem – we can reset your vehicle’s yearly pass limit. All you need to do is contact our customer care team with a document that proves a change of ownership. 

  • Payment card surcharges

    Payment card surcharges

    A payment card surcharge is a bank processing fee for credit or debit card payments. The payment card surcharge applies to credit or debit cards from: 

    • Visa

    • Mastercard

    • American Express

    Current surcharge rates

    Surcharge rates are determined by our financial institution and can vary from time to time. We review these surcharges monthly.  
    Last updated 13 August 2022. 
    Card type Surcharge
    Visa Credit 0.77%
    Visa Debit 0.31%
    Mastercard Credit 0.82%
    Mastercard Debit 0.41%
    American Express (AMEX) 2.15%


  • Update or cancel a Visitor's Pass

    Update or cancel a Visitor's Pass

    You can update your payment details, reset or find your login details, or cancel your Visitor's Pass.

    Update your payment details

    To update your payment details:

    1. Log in to your pass using your username and password
    2. Select ‘Edit automatic payments' 
    3. Update your details
    4. Select ‘Save’ 

    Reset your password or username for your Visitor’s Pass

    You can reset your password or find your username for your Visitor’s Pass online. 

    Cancel your Visitor’s Pass

    You can cancel your Visitor’s Pass by updating the end date. Your Visitor’s Pass will expire after 30 days – or sooner, if you set an earlier end date.

    All you need to do is log in to your pass and change the end date for your pass.

    Once your pass is closed, it may take up to three weeks for all charges to be deducted, to ensure all your trips are included.