If you travel on Sydney toll roads regularly, a Tag account will save you time and money.
From as little as $20 and now with $0 tag deposit, you’ll be good to go on any toll road in Australia.
It's the hassle-free way to stay on top of your toll payments.

Open a Tag account

Why choose a Linkt account?

All roads

Travel on all Australian toll roads

Unlimited Vehicles

Unlimited vehicles on your account

Transurban support

24/7 access to your account online

Manage your travel on the go with the Linkt app
See your trips, check your balance, top up your account and more.

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How does a Tag account compare to my other options?

Occasional travel
Travel a few times a year
Tagless account
  • $1.50 start up fee
  • $0.55 or $0.75 vehicle matching fee per trip
  • Auto-pay as you go
  • Claim M5 South-West cashback
  • Tagless travel
  • Backdate by up to 10 days*
  • Linkt Customer Rewards - Get more value out of your Linkt account with easy access to great discounts and offers
Short-term travel
Up to 30 days of travel
Sydney Pass
  • $1.50 start up fee
  • Card auto debited every $10 of travel
  • 1 to 30 days' consecutive travel
  • Tagless travel
  • Backdate by up to 5 days

Part of a business? Find out about our Commercial account

Interested in the legal nitty gritty?
Check out our Tag account fees and Tag account Customer Service Agreement

*If you’ve travelled on NSW toll roads, the Sydney Pass can cover trips made up to 5 days ago, except for the Harbour Bridge or Harbour Tunnel. If you’ve travelled on those toll roads, you can either purchase a Sydney Pass or use the LinktGO app within 3 days of travel to cover your trip. Just keep in mind that if you don't do this within 3 days, you'll likely receive a toll notice from Transport for NSW for payment. Tag, tagless or commercial accounts cover trips made up to 10 days ago on all toll roads in NSW or Victoria and 9 days ago on all roads in Queensland, excluding Harbour Bridge, Harbour Tunnel, and Eastlink.