If your taxi tag is more than five years old, fill out the form below to order a replacement. You’ll need your 12-digit tag serial number to complete the order.

To return your old tag to us, please use the reply paid envelope enclosed with your replacement tag. If you don’t return your old tag, you’ll be charged a $15 tag non-return fee.

Once you receive your new tag, it’s important that you no longer travel with your old tag as you may receive a toll invoice.

You must be an authorised account contact to order a replacement tag.

Where to find your tag serial number

  • Your 12-digit tag number can be found on the side of your tag device
  • If you need to remove the tag from your car you can refer to our guide to removing a tag from its holder
  • Your tag may look a little different to this but you should still be able to find your serial number in one of these places.

Please ensure this matches the name on your Linkt account.

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