Unlimited travel on CityLink all weekend with a quick one-off payment and no ongoing commitment.
A CityLink Weekend pass is the easy way to get the most out of your weekend plans. 
Weekend Pass
Unlimited CityLink travel from midday Friday to midnight Sunday.


    • CityLink only
      (excludes EastLink)#
    • One vehicle only
    • Cover trips made up to 5 days ago*
    • One simple payment^
      Car: $22.08
      Light commercial vehicle: $47.89
      Heavy commercial vehicle: N/A
      Motorcycle: $11.04
* With a Weekend Pass, you can cover CityLink trips made up to 5 days ago. Learn more about covering past trips
^ When you pay using an accepted credit or debit card, you will be charged a payment card surcharge.
# A video matching fee is charged when you travel to match your licence plate number to your Visitor's Pass. The fee varies depending on the road you travel on.
You can purchase a combined total of 12 CityLink passes in a 12-month period per vehicle, including our Weekend Pass, 24 Hour CityLink Pass and 24 Hour Tulla Pass. 

Travelled more than 5 days ago? 

Open an account

Cover CityLink trips made up to 9 days ago* by opening an account. Travelling on a toll road without a valid account or a pass means you'll receive a toll invoice in the mail. This invoice covers the cost of your tolls plus admin fees. The easiest way to avoid toll invoices is to open an account.

Learn more about Prepaid Learn more about Postpaid