If you need to pay a one-off toll or use Queensland toll roads for a short time, a Road Pass is the way to go.

What we'll need to set up your Road Pass

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Refer to our Road Pass fees and Road Pass Customer Service Agreement

*Road passes can cover trips made up to 5 days ago on all toll roads in Queensland.

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  • How a Road Pass works

    How a Road Pass works

    A Road Pass is a simple way to pay for short-term Queensland toll road use.  A pass can be opened for 1 day, 30 days or anything in between.

    You can also backdate your pass by up to 5 days to pay for trips you’ve already taken.

    To open a pass online you’ll need a licence plate number, your credit card and a few personal details. 

    We use your licence plate number to identify your vehicle as it passes through a toll point and charge these tolls to your credit card.

    How much does a road pass cost?

    When you first buy your pass, we take a $1.00 security payment to ensure your credit card is valid. This is added to your pass as toll credit.

    The total amount you’ll pay will depend on the toll road charges you incur for the duration of the pass. You will pay the cost of any tolls plus a video matching fee of $0.50 for each trip.

    Backdating your travel

    When opening a road pass you’ll need to add the licence plate number of at least one vehicle. You’ll have the option to set a start and end date for each vehicle added to your pass.

    By choosing a start date in the past you can cover any travel you’ve already made in the past 5 days.

    If you think you might use a toll road again soon it’s worth leaving the end date open, that way you’ll be covered for a full 30 days.

    Information you’ll need to open your pass

    As well as your vehicle licence plate number and credit card details, you’ll also be asked to provide basic contact information, including your first and last names and your email address and mobile phone number.

    We use this information to send you a confirmation email once your pass is up and running, and to send you a final statement once your pass expires.

    Why do I need a username, password and PIN?

    We ask you to set up a username and password when you buy your road pass so that you can log in and manage your pass. You’ll be able to edit the end date, add other vehicles to the pass and review tolls and charges, when they become available.

    You’ll also need to create a 6-8 digit security PIN which is used by our call centre if you ever need to call us.

    Payment processing times

    Trips are automatically charged to your credit card after you travel.  Most trips are processed and billed within 3 days but in some circumstances it may take a little longer.

    We may take a final credit card payment 21 days after your road pass has closed to cover any tolls and fees for trips that took longer to process.

    If no travel is made using your pass, the $1.00 security payment will be refunded to you approximately 21 days after your pass ends.

    Why can’t I see exact tolls when I first buy a road pass?

    Your road pass needs to be open and have at least one licence plate number registered to it before tolls can be associated with your pass.

    You’ll be able to see your trips on the trip history page after logging into your pass online.

  • Where can I travel with a Road pass?

    Where can I travel with a Road pass?

    A Road Pass allows you to travel on any toll roads in Queensland.

    If you're travelling interstate, you'll need open a Linkt account.  Alternatively, you can buy a pass for Sydney travel or for Melbourne travel from Linkt.

    Buy a Road Pass online

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  • Can I change the end date of my Road pass?

    Can I change the end date of my Road pass?

    A Road pass can be valid for up to 30 days. If you’ve set your Road Pass to expire before the full 30 day period and change your mind, you can extend the end date to cover the full 30 day period. For example, if you originally set up your pass for 10 days, you can extend it for another 20 days.

    You can change the end date of your Road Pass by changing the end date of the vehicles linked to your pass. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your account. Go to Vehicles in the main menu.
    2. Select a vehicle and click Edit vehicle
    3. Change the end date to extend your pass for that vehicle. Click Submit.
    4. If you have multiple vehicles on your Road pass, you'll need to extend the end date for every vehicle covered by your pass.

    If you have set your pass for less than 30 days, it will expire on your set end date. Otherwise, your pass will expire 30 days from the start date. If you plan to use toll roads regularly, consider opening an account.

  • Can I add another vehicle to my Road Pass?

    Can I add another vehicle to my Road Pass?

    You can add more vehicles to your Road Pass by logging in to your account.

    When you first open a Road Pass, you must add at least one vehicle. After you’ve set up your pass you can add as many vehicles as you need. Simply select Add Vehicle from the menu and enter your vehicle’s details into the form. You'll need to provide your licence plate number, state of registration and vehicle make and model.

    Your Road Pass will expire after 30 days. If you need to continue travelling, you might like to consider opening an account.

  • Do I need to provide my licence plate number?

    Do I need to provide my licence plate number?

    When buying a pass, you'll need your vehicle's licence plate number, make and model.

    When you're travelling on a toll road, we use tolling cameras to identify your vehicle and match it to your pass. There's no need to display any documentation in your vehicle—once you've bought your pass you're ready to travel on your chosen dates.

  • Can I use my pass on interstate toll roads?

    Can I use my pass on interstate toll roads?

    Our passes can only be used on Queensland toll roads. 

    If you want to travel in other cities, you might like to consider opening an account

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