Queensland's toll roads form an integrated network of tolled roads, bridges and tunnels that provides greater connectivity, efficiency and reliability across the greater Brisbane and Toowoomba areas.

Our accounts and passes make it easy to pay all your Queensland tolls, including travel on:

Gateway Motorway
Go Between Bridge
Legacy Way
Logan Motorway
Toowoomba Bypass

Our accounts can be used on any compatible toll road in Australia and our passes let you travel on any toll road in Queensland.

Need to make a payment?

Find out how to pay for travel by topping up your account, paying a toll invoice or buying a pass. 

Travelling interstate?
Your Tag, Tagless or Commercial account can be used on any toll road in Australia. 

Melbourne toll roads
Sydney toll roads

Related help

  • What should I do if I've travelled on a toll road?

    What should I do if I've travelled on a toll road?

    If you've travelled on a Queensland toll road, you can:

    after you travel, so long as you do so within the required time frames.

    For a pass, you have until midnight on the third day after you travelled.

    For an account, you have until midnight on the seventh day after you travelled to open an account or add a vehicle to an existing account.

    If you don't cover your travel within these time frames, you'll be charged additional fees. When this happens, a toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle’s registered owner for each trip made on a toll road more than 7 days ago. How to pay a toll invoice

    If you receive a toll invoice, you can save on fees by opening an account and transferring the toll notice to your new account.

  • How does tolling work?

    How does tolling work?

    Toll roads are roads that drivers must pay to use. In Australia, all toll roads are electronically tolled meaning there are no cash booths. How much you pay depends on the toll points you pass and the class of vehicle you're driving.

    The most convenient way to pay for Linkt travel is to open an account.

    If you're visiting Brisbane, or only need to use toll roads for a short time, you can buy a pass.

    If you've already travelled on a toll road without an account or pass, you can still avoid extra fees. Just buy a pass within 3 days of your first trip or open an account within 7 days. 

    If you don't cover your travel within these time frames, a toll invoice will be posted to the vehicle's registered owner, which will include administration fees.

    Find the pass or account that's right for you with our easy-to-use product selector.

  • Using rental vehicles on toll roads

    Using rental vehicles on toll roads

    If you're renting a vehicle, please check with your rental company first about how to pay for planned or unplanned toll road travel.

    Different rental companies offer various payment options to pass toll charges on to their customers. 

    Some rental companies offer a direct tolling option, which automatically debits your credit card every time you use any toll road. Other companies require you to purchase a toll day pass for each day of toll road use.

    Often, your rental vehicle will already be linked to a toll account managed by your rental company. The rental company’s toll account may override any toll payment arrangement you make with us, and may result in unexpected charges or penalties being applied by your rental company.

  • What does it cost to travel on Queensland toll roads?

    What does it cost to travel on Queensland toll roads?

    Tolls are the amounts charged for travelling on a toll road. The total amount is calculated electronically, based on where you travel and your vehicle class.

    Fees are separate charges that apply in particular circumstances, depending on the type of account or pass you have.

    The cost of your trip is determined by:

    How you pay for your travel

    If you have a Linkt account, you'll pay a toll for each individual trip. You can opt to travel with or without a tag on your account, but you'll be charged a video matching fee each time you pass a toll point without a tag.

    If you buy a pass, you’ll be charged standard tolls plus a video matching fee per toll point. Depending on which pass you buy, these will be either auto-debited from your linked credit card, or deducted from the balance of the pass.

    The type of vehicle you use

    Toll prices vary for cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Find out more about vehicle classes.

    Where you travel

    Tolls are calculated according to the toll points you pass. Find out how much your trip will cost by using our toll calculator.

    If you're not sure which account or pass is right for you, try our Product selector

  • How do I calculate my travel costs?

    How do I calculate my travel costs?

    Your costs will depend on a number of factors, including the class of vehicle you drive, how far you travel and the type of account or pass you choose.

    The easiest way to calculate your Linkt travel costs is to use our toll calculator.

  • Information for international travellers

    Information for international travellers

    If you recently received a toll notice for travelling on an Australian toll road, it's important that you pay your toll invoice to avoid further fees.

    If you feel the toll notice was issued in error, please contact us with the following information and we’ll investigate the matter for you:

    • toll notice number
    • licence plate number
    • your full name
    • date of travel

    Consider buying a Road Pass the next time you use Australian toll roads.