Since major construction commenced on the Inner City Bypass (ICB) Upgrade in 2017, Transurban Queensland has made great progress delivering the $60 million project with Brisbane City Council with major construction now complete and the new westbound on-ramp now open.

On 19 August 2018, Transurban Queensland took over operations, maintenance and incident response along the ICB.  Transurban Queensland’s experience in maintaining and operating Legacy Way, Clem7, Go Between Bridge and AirportlinkM7, means they’re well positioned to improve traffic flow and safety outcomes on the ICB.

Customers with large fleets will benefit from:

  • increased capacity for existing and future traffic demands
  • enhanced safety through improved traffic management and incident response clearance
  • improved connectivity 
  • 28% improvement in accident clearance times

This is a reminder that while the ICB will remain toll free, tolls for Heavy Commercial Vehicles (Class 4) will change in peak periods on Clem7, Legacy Way and Go Between Bridge to help fund this important project in accordance with all contractual obligations. Class 4 tolls will change on Clem7 and Go Between Bridge from 1 September 2018 as listed below.

  • increase to three times the toll price for cars (Class 2 vehicles) during peak travel, 5am to 8pm
  • remain at 2.65 times Class 2 vehicles during off-peak travel, 8pm to 5am

Changes to Class 4 vehicle tolls on Legacy Way will come into effect on 1 July 2020 and customers will be reminded of these changes closer to the date.

The introduction of time of day tolling will allow Class 4 vehicles to travel on off-peak toll prices between 8pm to 5am, when traffic volume is lower and traffic more free-flowing.

Clem7 and Go Between Bridge Class 4 toll prices* from 1 September 2018

  Current toll price* New peak toll price* Off-peak toll price*
    5am–8pm 8pm–5am
Clem7 $13.54 $15.33 $13.54
Go Between Bridge $8.45 $9.56 $8.45

* tolls are inclusive of GST