On 1 July 2018, tolls, fees and charges for travel on Brisbane toll roads will increase in line with the Brisbane Consumer Price Index (CPI), while AirportlinkM7 tolls will remain unchanged until 31 December 2018. This annual adjustment is set at Brisbane CPI for the life of Transurban Queensland’s franchise agreement with the State Government and concession deeds with Brisbane City Council.

The tag non-return and requested statement fees, which were reduced on 16 May 2018 will not increase in line with CPI and will stay at the current values.

Remember, from 1 July 2018 a Payment Card Surcharge will apply to all account payments made by credit and debit card. This surcharge is a straight pass through of costs from our financial institution. For a fee free option switch to a direct debit from your nominated bank account.

The adjusted tolls, fees and charges are inclusive of GST and can be accessed 24/7 online.

Toll prices by toll point from 1 July 2018

Toll Point Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
$2.28 $4.55 $6.83 $12.05
$1.35 $2.68
$4.03 $7.11
Paradise Road
$1.42 $2.84
Go Between Bridge
$1.59 $3.19
Clem7 $2.56
Legacy Way $2.56
$7.67 $13.55

Fees and charges from 1 July 2018

Fee type Fee
Demand Notice Fee (administration charge)
Video matching fee
Toll invoice fee
Requested statement fee
Tag non-return fee


Did you know?

The money collected from tolls supports the construction, operations and maintenance of our roads? This ensures we keep you moving safely and more easily. Thanks for travelling with Linkt.

Vehicle classes


Class 1

Two wheeled motor vehicles (including vehicles with a trailer, fore car or side car attached).


Class 2

A car is any motor vehicle, including taxis (and including vehicles towing a trailer or caravan), that is not a:

  1. Motorcycle (Class 1)
  2. Light commercial vehicle (Class 3), or
  3. Heavy commercial vehicle (Class 4).
Light commercial vehicles

Light commercial vehicle
Class 3

Motor vehicles that are registered for commercial use and:

  • are two-axle rigid trucks or load carrying vans or utilities, having a gross vehicle mass greater than 1.5 tonnes but not exceeding 4.5 tonnes, or
  • have spatial dimensions which are substantially consistent with the criteria in paragraph (a) above.
Heavy commercial vehicle

Heavy commercial vehicle
Class 4

Motor vehicles that:

  • are rigid trucks with 3 or more axles
  • are articulated trucks
  • are buses
  • are two axle rigid trucks having a gross vehicle mass greater than 4.5 tonnes
  • are motor vehicles having a gross vehicle mass greater than 30 tonnes, or
  • have spatial dimensions which are substantially consistent with the criteria in any of paragraphs (a) to (e) above.