What’s eco-driving?

Eco-driving is a term used to describe energy efficient use of vehicles. It’s a great way to reduce fuel consumption from road transport so that less fuel is used when travelling the same distance.


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Eco-driving tips

Did you know you can be fuel smart and save, simply by changing your driving behaviour? By adopting some eco-driving techniques, you may become a more fuel-efficient driver—a win-win for your bank account and the environment.

Smooth driving is eco-driving 

One of the ways we can drive more sustainably is by driving more smoothly. This can have an impact on the environment—and your hip pocket. Watch the following video for some tips on smoother driving. 


Tyre pressure 

Low tyre pressure is a safety risk—but did you know it can also cause you to burn extra petrol while driving? 

Under inflated tyres can reduce a car’s fuel efficiency, but the good news is that a monthly tyre pressure check costs you nothing and it’s easy to do. 

Drag and unnecessary weight  

How does unnecessary weight and drag potentially impact a car’s fuel economy?

Watch the following video to find out.

Queensland Eco-driving trial results

In 2021 we conducted a trial with GOFAR and collected information about the participants’ driving behaviour using the GOFAR device and mobile app. Here are the results


Final data (estimates compared to baseline)

1 May - 21 June 2021


total kms travelled


trips taken


improvement in average fuel economy

6 homes

potential equivalent emissions saved over a year


 Download the full report (PDF 1.6MB)