I might have travelled on a toll road

If you think you might have travelled on a toll road but aren’t quite sure, we may be able to help.

Buy a pass today and leave your details below. If your vehicle isn’t detected on a toll road in the next 14 days we’ll refund the cost of the pass back to you. That way you’re covered either way.

To ensure your travel down the road is covered, consider opening an account. Even if you don’t travel on Victorian roads frequently, a Linkt account covers you on all Australian toll roads. And even if you only travel on a toll road a few times a year, it’s still the most convenient way to pay.

You can backdate your Visitors Pass by up to 5 days to cover travel on CityLink and 3 days on EastLink. Any travel made more than 5 days ago won’t be covered by a pass and a toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle’s registered owner. 

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