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We have a range of support services available to help customers including more time to pay and payment plans. We are also providing eligible customers directly impacted by COVID-19 with up to 3-months’ toll credit, covering the period 1 July to 30 September*.

*Credits can only be applied to travel on certain roads operated by Transurban.

Roads which are ineligible for the scheme, include Eastlink (Victoria), M5 South-West Motorway (New South Wales), Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel (New South Wales) and Toowoomba Bypass (Queensland). M5 trips are still eligible for Cashback, so if you have a valid NSW toll account, you can register for the M5 Cashback Scheme and, if eligible, claim back these trips. Find out more information on M5 South-West Cashback.

  • COVID-19 Toll Credit Program (Phase 2) – eligibility criteria
    Eligible customers are those impacted by COVID-19^, including:
    • Customers who lost their job and are still unemployed
    • Customers who have experienced significantly reduced hours or income
    • Small business owners with less than 20 employees who have experienced significantly reduced income
    • Customers being supported by Linkt Assist whose situation has worsened – this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

    Where customers do not meet the full criteria for the program, but have been impacted by COVID-19, consideration will be given to applying a partial toll credit. Consideration will also be given on a case-by-case basis to waiving toll debt incurred during the COVID-19 period (from 1 April).

    ^We ask that you submit documentation of your current employment status with your application.

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    Getting help

    COVID-19 related toll credits are available to eligible Linkt account customers only. If you don’t have a Linkt account, but are experiencing financial difficulty, we can help you with existing toll bills and fines.

    Apply for COVID-19 support

      To help us assess your application, please upload one or more of the following here :

      • Letter from your employer/ previous employer on company letterhead
      • Copy of your JobKeeper application (Employee nomination notice or Eligible Business Participant nomination notice)
      • Copy of your JobSeeker application where separation reason is: COVID-19 (Unemployed customers only)
      • 2 x pay slips from pre-COVID-19 and 2 x recent pay slips (Reduced income only)

      Help with existing tolling bills or fines

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      Help with existing tolling bills or fines

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