I'm having trouble logging in

To log in to your account you'll need your username and password.

If you've created a new username and password but can't log in, try the following troubleshooting options:

Note: Some users have experienced problems resetting their password or finding their username when using browser plugins that prevent pop-ups such as ublock or adblock. Find out more.


Reset your password

  1. Open the Linkt app.
  2. Tap log in, then Forgotten your login details?
  3. Choose Forgotten password and follow the prompts to get a reset link sent out. We’ll send a validation code to either your mobile or email address as directed.

Find your username

  1. Open the Linkt app.
  2. Tap log in, then Forgotten your login details? 
  3. Choose Forgotten username and follow the prompts to recover your login info. You’ll need either your email address, mobile number or account number to proceed. We’ll verify this against your full name, licence plate number or Linkt account number.


If you're still having difficulty logging into your account, please get in touch with our digital support specialists.

If you just need to make a payment to your account, you can use quick payment without logging in. You'll need your account or pass number and a credit card to make the payment.