What are video matching fees?

This is a $0.51 fee that's charged every time your vehicle travels through a toll point, registered to your account or pass, without a valid tag. Video matching fees for travel on AirportlinkM7 are calculated per trip. This fee may be different if you're travelling interstate and may be referred to as a vehicle matching or no tag in vehicle fee.

If our toll points can't detect a tag in a vehicle, or your tag is not valid at the time of travel, we take a photograph of the licence plate number to check if the vehicle is registered to an account. Log in to your account to check that all your vehicles are registered for travel.

You can also make sure your tag is properly installed by checking our installation instructions for cars or light commercial vehicles heavy commercial vehicles.

If you travel without a tag, in a vehicle that isn't registered to an account or pass, a toll invoice will be issued to the vehicle's owner.