Is it really from Linkt?

Linkt, Linkt Assist and LinktGO are operated by Transurban, get to know our trusted websites, phone numbers and emails

Trusted information Is it a scam? Ways we'll contact you

Trusted websites

Our trusted website URLs that may contact you


Any of the above URLs may appear with or without 'www' and your browser may or may not show 'https://':

eg. ''


Trusted emails



Trusted phone numbers

Numbers that may call you

  • 02 9538 7765
  • 07 3132 1405
  • 03 9287 6394

Remember to check this page if you’re not sure if the communication is from Linkt.

Follow the 3 simple steps if you’ve received a scam.
1. Check your account, 2. Report it to Linkt and 3. Delete it.
If you’re still unsure check our list of latest scams.

Got a suspicious message claiming to be from Linkt?
Report it online to help us track down and prevent future scams.

Is it a scam?

If something about a message seems odd to you, the best thing you can do is take a minute and come back to it with fresh eyes.

Some practical things to look out for are: 

  • incorrect spelling and grammar.
  • strange links that don’t look like legitimate websites
  • vague or unspecific details, and
  • the use of urgent language or threats/consequences if you don’t take immediate action. 

Remember to protect your information. We do not ask you to provide payment details via links in text messages or emails, and we encourage you to always log in directly to your account – whether that’s via the Linkt website or the LinktLinktGO app.

Just because they say it’s from Linkt doesn’t mean it’s from us. Check out the ways we'll contact you.

Think you’ve received a scam?

Follow these 3 simple steps

You can also report a scam message to the Federal Government’s ScamWatch website at, where you’ll find information about other scams reported across Australia.

Need help in your language?

Interpreter service

Interpreter service
13 14 50
24 hours, 7 days a week

National Relay Service

TTY Service
If you're deaf, have a hearing or speech impediment, please use the National Relay Service.

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