Online safety tips

There are some simple things we can all do to stay cyber-safe. 

Safety tips Protect your information Improve your passwords

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Your security is our priority. Be aware of identified latest scams.

  • Update your information, make payments and check communications securely through the Linkt/ LinktGO app or Linkt website.

  • Don’t click on links. Remember, we won’t ask for your personal or financial information through email or SMS.

  • If you’re unsure whether a message is from us, refer to the ways we’ll contact you.

  • If you received a suspicious message claiming to be Linkt and are in doubt, report it.

What to look out for:

If something about a message seems odd to you, the best thing you can do is take a minute and come back to it with fresh eyes.

Some practical things to look out for are: 

  • incorrect spelling and grammar
  • strange links that don’t look like legitimate websites. 
  • vague or unspecific details, and
  • the use of urgent language or threats/consequences if you don’t take immediate action. 

Got a suspicious message claiming to be from Linkt?
Report it online to help us track down and prevent future scams.

Protect your information

Before filling out online forms or subscribing to emails, be mindful of who you share your details with. Check your accounts regularly to spot identity theft. Be cautious and mindful of personal information to keep cyber-safe.

For more information on cyber safety and security, and how to protect yourself from cyber threats, visit the Australian Cyber Security Centre or eSafety Commissioner

To learn more about how we handle your information, see our Privacy Policy.

Tips to help protect yourself from scammers

  • Use official sources to get or download information or contact organisations directly.
  • If you supply any financial information to a website you don’t trust, contact your financial institution straight away
  • Check your computer for viruses and spyware regularly. 
  • Use strong passwords and change them at least twice a year.
  • To learn more about the different types of scams and how to recognise fraudulent communications, visit Scamwatch.  

Improve your passwords

Create different passwords for each account. Where possible make sure your passwords contain three of the four character types (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols). 

Swap your password for a passphrase to improve your cyber security. This consists of four or more random words, making them longer than a traditional password. For example, instead of p$321word, a passphrase could be r3d du%k c@$h (using the words red, duck, cash).

Consider using a reputable password manager to help keep your online passwords safe and secure, and help you remember them.

Think you’ve received a scam?

Follow these 3 simple steps

You can also report a scam message to the Federal Government’s ScamWatch website at, where you’ll find information about other scams reported across Australia.

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