Ways we’ll contact you

We may contact you about your account or new offers but we will never ask you to provide financial information or pay via a link.

Linkt communications  Stay alert

Linkt communications

Reasons why Linkt might contact you via email, SMS, phone calls or letter may include:

  • Letting you know if your account isn’t active because of payment issues such as an expired card.
  • To issue or pay toll invoices, if tolls haven’t been paid and you don’t have an account with us
  • Sharing traffic and road safety information related to our roads
  • If you’ve opted in to receive marketing communications, such as offers from Linkt Customer Rewards or other new offers
  • To remind you to check your account or make a payment
  • We never ask for you to click on links in the SMS to confirm personal or financial details.
  • Check out whether it really is from us to help identify if the messages are from Linkt.

Got a suspicious message claiming to be from Linkt?
Report it online to help us track down and prevent future scams.

Think you’ve received a scam?

Follow these 3 simple steps

You can also report a scam message to the Federal Government’s ScamWatch website at scamwatch.gov.au, where you’ll find information about other scams reported across Australia.

Need help in your language?

Interpreter service

Interpreter service
13 14 50
24 hours, 7 days a week

National Relay Service

TTY Service
If you're deaf, have a hearing or speech impediment, please use the National Relay Service.

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