Access Account fees

An Access account is a smart and convenient way for occasional travellers to use Melbourne toll roads.

Amounts, Fees and Charges

Name Description Amount, Fee or Charge
Detailed Statement Fee Each month or quarter you agree to pay this fee we will mail you a detailed statement for the statement period.


  1. $2.75 per month, or
  2. $2.75 per quarter to be mailed a detailed statement to your nominated address.
Dishonour Fee This is the amount that is debited to your Account if your payment is not successfully made, unless the unsuccessful payment is our or our Bank's fault. The charge imposed on us by our Bank as a result of your unsuccessful payment.
One-off Detailed Statement Fee You pay this fee to get a one-off detailed statement. $3.30 for each time you request a one-off detailed statement.
Payment Card Surcharge

This is the amount that we may add to a payment to your Account, when you make a payment by an accepted credit card or debit card.

The Payment Card Surcharge is a straight pass through of the merchant service fees we are charged by our financial institution when you make a payment by an accepted credit card or debit card.

Current surcharges:
MasterCard Credit 0.82%
MasterCard Debit/PrePaid 0.44%
Visa Credit: 0.76%
Visa Debit/PrePaid 0.30%
AMEX: 2.15%
Diners Club: 1.90%

Start Up Fee This is the amount which you pay us to open your Account. $5.50
Vehicle Matching Fee

This is the amount that will be debited from your Account (as well as Tolls), for each Trip that any Nominated Vehicle is detected using an Eligible Toll Road.

Motorcycle Trips do not incur Vehicle Matching Fees on CityLink.

This is the fee charged for matching your licence plate number to your account using licence plate recognition.

This fee is set by each toll road as follows:

CityLink $0.55 per trip
EastLink $0.31 per trip

Fees last updated on 17 December 2020. Prices include GST unless otherwise noted.

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