Prepaid Account Fees

Amounts, Fees and Charges effective From: 1 July 2024

Below are the fees and charges that may apply to a Prepaid Account. Please note that these fees exclude toll pricing. View current toll costs.

Fees and charges include GST unless otherwise noted. Refer to your Prepaid Account Customer Sevice Agreement for more information.

NameDescriptionAmount, fee or charge
Agreed Replenishment Amount

If You make Automatic Payments, the amount that We will draw from Your Bank account or credit card account after Your Account Balance falls below the Top Up Trigger.

If You have a Prepaid Account with Manual Payment, this is the amount by which You top up Your Account.

This is either:
  1. the greater of $10; or
  2. any larger amount selected by You and agreed by us.
Detailed Statement FeeEach month or quarter You agree to pay this fee We will mail You a detailed statement for the statement period.Either:
  1. $2.75 per month, or
  2. $2.75 per quarter to be mailed a detailed statement to Your Address.
Dishonour FeeThis is the amount that is debited to Your Account if Your payment is not successfully made, unless the unsuccessful payment is Our or Our Bank's fault.The charge imposed on Us by Our Bank as a result of Your unsuccessful payment.
Low account balanceFor Prepaid Manual Account Payment customers, when Your Account Balance falls below the Low Account Balance amount, You will hear one beep, followed by two short beeps. We may also contact You to remind You to top up Your Account.For Prepaid Manual Account Payment customers, the balance at which You have selected, or We believe that You should be reminded to top up Your Account. You should top up Your Account by paying the minimum Agreed Replenishment Amount or an amount greater.
One-Off Detailed Statement FeeYou pay this fee to get a one-off detailed invoice.$3.30 for each time You request a one-off detailed invoice.
Opening AmountThis is the amount which You pay Us to open Your Account.For Prepaid Accounts, this is $20 credit per Account.
Payment Card SurchargeThis is the amount that We may add to a payment to Your Account, when You make a payment by an accepted credit card or debit card.If You make a payment by an accepted credit card or debit card We are charged a merchant service fee by Our financial institution.

Current surcharges:
Effective from 17 July 2024

MasterCard Credit: 0.87%
MasterCard Debit/PrePaid: 0.37%
Visa Credit: 0.85%
Visa Debit/PrePaid: 0.38%
AMEX: 2.15%
Tag Non-Return FeeThis is the amount that You must pay Us if Your Tag is lost, damaged, stolen, or not returned to Us.$15 per Tag device not returned.
Top Up TriggerThis is the Account Balance at which a top up payment will be made.For Prepaid Automatic Payment customers, the Top Up Trigger can be any amount greater than $5 set by the customer. When Your Account Balance falls to this amount, We will draw the Agreed Replenishment Amount from Your nominated bank account or credit card.
Video Matching Fee

This is the amount that We may charge if Your Nominated Vehicle is detected in a Toll Zone without a Tag being detected, unless We are responsible for the failure to detect Your Tag.

This fee is charged for matching Your licence plate number to Your Account using licence plate recognition.

Motorcycles are not required to carry a Tag. Motorcycle Trips are video tolled and do not incur Video Matching Fees.

This fee is set by each toll road as follows: 
CityLink $0.55 per trip
EastLink $0.35 per trip

In NSW an equivalent fee known as No Tag in Vehicle fee applies.
M1/Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel $0.55 per trip
M2 $0.55 per trip
M4 $0.55 per trip
M5 $0.55 per trip
M7 $0.75 per trip
M8 $0.55 per trip
NorthConnex $0.55 per trip
Cross City Tunnel $0.55 per trip
Lane Cove Tunnel $0.55 per trip

AirportLinkM7 $0.60 per trip
Clem 7 $0.60 per toll point
Gateway Motorway $0.60 per toll point
Go-Between Bridge $0.60 per toll point
Logan Motorway $0.60 per toll point
Toowoomba Bypass $0.60 per toll point

View the Prepaid Account Customer Sevice Agreement