Last updated 21 January 2022

Transurban Statement of Notifiable Matters

Transurban and its Subsidiaries ("Transurban" or "we," "us" or "our") take your privacy seriously. Our Statement of Notifiable Matters (our “Statement”) sets out important information and should be read in conjunction with our Credit Reporting Policy.

Capitalised terms in this Statement of Notifiable Matters that are not otherwise defined have the meaning given to that term in the Credit Reporting Policy.

1. Transurban's Credit Reporting Policy

  1. Transurban's Credit Reporting Policy is available at, and provides further information about how we collect, use, disclose and hold your Credit-Related Information in the conduct of our business.

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2. Your Rights

  1. You have the right to:
    1. access the Credit-Related Information we hold about you;
    2. request that we correct the Credit-Related Information we hold about you if you think that such information is inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, irrelevant or misleading; and
    3. make a complaint about how we have handled your Credit-Related Information.
  2. For information on how to access your information, request a correction and/or make a complaint, please refer to our Credit Reporting Policy available at

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3. Credit reporting bodies and your Credit-Related Information

  1. We may disclose your Credit-Related Information to credit reporting bodies from time to time, as set out in our Credit Reporting Policy. If you fail to meet your payment obligations to us or commit a serious credit infringement (for example, if you fraudulently obtain consumer credit), we may disclose this information to a credit reporting body.
  2. Credit reporting bodies may include the Credit-Related Information that we disclosed in reports that are provided to credit providers, which assist those credit providers in assessing your credit worthiness.
  3. You have the right to request that credit reporting bodies:
    1. not use your Credit-Related Information for the purposes of pre-screening of direct marketing by a credit provider; and/or
    2. not use or disclose your Credit-Related Information if you reasonably believe that you have been, or are likely to be, a victim of fraud.

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4. Credit reporting bodies with which Transurban deals

  1. As at the date of this Statement, the credit reporting body Transurban may disclose your Credit-Related Information to and its contact details is:

    PO Box 964
    North Sydney NSW 2059
    Public enquiries: 13 83 32
  2. As at the date of this Statement, you can obtain a copy of Equifax's credit reporting policy at

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5. Contact Us

  1. If you would like a copy of this Statement provided in a different form (such as a hard copy), or for further information, you can contact the Transurban Privacy Officer by email at or call us on 13 33 31.

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