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As COVID-19 restrictions across Australia progressively ease, we’re evolving our Toll Credit program to focus on customers who are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19. Applications for the new program will open on 1 July 2020.
Find out how our Toll Credit program is changing.

Supporting our customers through COVID-19

The impacts of COVID-19 are being felt right across Australia. At Linkt, we’re here to help and have expanded our Linkt Assist program to take care of customers who need it most.

We have a range of support services available to help customers including more time to pay, fee waivers and payment plans. We are also providing eligible customers directly impacted by COVID-19 with up to 3-months’ toll credit. 

These services are available through our Linkt Assist program, which we recently expanded to include businesses.

Find out more about Linkt Assist.

Up to 3-month toll credit

We’ve expanded our Linkt Assist service to help those most in need during these difficult times. Our 3-month toll credit is designed to support those whose employment has been directly impacted by COVID-19, in addition to showing our support for those working on the front-line in high risk environments to keep us safe. The credit covers the period from 1 April to 30 June.

Eligible customers include*:

  • People who have lost their jobs or experienced significant reduction in hours directly as a result of COVID-19
  • Eligible Healthcare workers
    • Registered healthcare practitioners working in hospitals, aged care or disability facilities
    • Registered medical practitioners and nurses working outside of hospitals
    • In-hospital workers
  • Aged and disability carers
  • Emergency service personnel
    • Paramedics, ambulance officers and those involved in emergency patient transfer
    • Police and Fire Fighters
    • Front-line emergency services personnel directly dealing with high-risk people or environments with increased exposure to COVID -19

Where customers do not meet the full criteria for the toll credit, but have been impacted by COVID-19, consideration will be given to applying a partial toll credit. Consideration will also be given to waiving past toll debt for impacted customers on a case-by-case basis.

Travel exclusions

Credits exclude trips taken on Eastlink (Victoria), M5 South-West Motorway (New South Wales), Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel (New South Wales) and Toowoomba Bypass (Queensland). M5 trips are still eligible for Cashback, so if you have a valid NSW toll account, you can register for the M5 Cashback Scheme and claim back these trips. Find out more information on M5 Cashback.


How will the toll credit work?

The toll credit covers the period 1 April to 30 June.  The toll credit will be applied directly to the customer’s account. Tolls will continue to be charged to the account, but will be offset by the toll credit.

How do I receive the toll credit?

To apply for the credit, complete the Linkt Assist form. Click here for more information about Linkt Assist. Please note we will be considering every application that is submitted, so it may take us some time to get back to you.

I’m a business owner. Am I eligible?

Businesses will not typically be eligible for the toll credit, however individual situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Linkt is supporting business customers by extending payment terms and creating payment plans where they are experiencing difficulty paying.

I don’t meet the COVID-19 assistance criteria, but I am having difficulties paying for my tolls. Can I still access support from Linkt Assist?

Yes. Customers who meet the existing criteria for Linkt Assist will continue to receive support from the program. To apply, complete the Linkt Assist form. Click here for more information about Linkt Assist. Please note we will be considering every application that is submitted, so it may take us some time to get back to you.

Please note this article was editied on 01 June 2020 to reflect new processes.