If you use Victorian toll roads regularly, an Everyday account will save you time and money.
You’ll be good to go on any toll road in Australia.
It's the hassle-free way to stay on top of your toll payments.

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Is an Everyday account the best choice for me?

Occasional travel
Travel a few times a year
Access account
  • Melbourne travel only
  • Monthly auto payment^
  • Tagless travel
  • $0.31 or $0.55 vehicle matching fee per trip
  • Low $5.50 start-up fee
  • Backdate CityLink travel by up to 10 days & EastLink travel by up to 3 days only*
Short-term travel
Up to 30 days of travel
Melbourne Pass
  • Melbourne travel only
  • Automatic payments via accepted credit/debit card^
  • Tagless travel
  • $0.31 or $0.55 vehicle matching fee per trip
  • Low $5.50 start-up fee
  • Backdate CityLink travel by up to 5 days & EastLink travel by up to 3 days only*

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Refer to our Everyday account fees and Everyday account Customer Service Agreement

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^ When you pay via an accepted credit card or debit card, you may be charged a Payment Card Surcharge.
*Access account: You can backdate your Access account to cover travel on CityLink by up to 10 days and and EastLink by up to 3 days.
*Melbourne pass: You can backdate by up to 5 days to cover travel on CityLink and up to 3 days on EastLink.
*Everyday account: *With your Everyday account you can cover trips made up to 10 days ago in Victoria or NSW, except for EastLink (VIC) or the Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel (NSW). To pay for past travel on these roads, you'll need to buy a separate pass. You can cover trips made up to 9 days ago in Queensland.


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  • Do I need a credit card to open an account?

    Do I need a credit card to open an account?

    Yes, you'll need a credit card for the opening payment. Once that's done, you can choose to set up a direct debit from your bank account for fee free ongoing payments. Find out more about payment options

    To make sure your account is always ready for travel, you can set up auto top-up for ongoing payments.

    If you're not sure an account is right for you, our online product selector can help you choose.

  • How many vehicles can I have on my account?

    How many vehicles can I have on my account?

    You can link as many vehicles as you like to your account.

    When a car linked to your account travels without a correctly installed tag, you'll be charged a no tag in vehicle fee or vehicle matching fee per trip. You can reduce your fees by making sure every vehicle has a correctly installed tag.

    A tag can be moved between vehicles so long as they're both in the same vehicle class. You can also order extra tags so that each of your vehicles has one.

  • How soon can I travel after opening an account?

    How soon can I travel after opening an account?

    For an Everyday account, your tag will take 7-10 working days to arrive, but you can start travelling right away if you register your vehicle to your account. As soon as you've registered your vehicle to your account, you're ready to travel on CityLink. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for you to be covered for EastLink travel.

    Normally, a no tag in vehicle fee is charged when you travel without your tag. For new customers, we'll credit any no tag in vehicle fees for 14 days from the day you open your account. Credits may take up to 4 weeks to appear.

    When your new tag arrives, make sure it's installed correctly to avoid incurring any future no tag in vehicle fees.

    For Access accounts you can travel immediately. A vehicle matching fee will apply for each trip you make.

  • How do Linkt accounts work?

    How do Linkt accounts work?

    We have a range of accounts to suit different travel needs.

    Our Everyday account use an electronic device called a tag to calculate your tolls and charge these to your account as you travel. If you're a frequent traveller, opening an Everyday account may help minimise fees and charges.

    If you travel less frequently, you can pay as you go by opening an Access account. Access Accounts don’t use tags. Instead, we charge your tolls to your account by taking a photograph of your licence plate number as your vehicle passes through a toll point and checking it against the vehicles registered to your account. Vehicle matching fees are charged for matching your licence plate number to your Access account.

    All of our accounts let you set up auto payments. As long as your payment details are valid, and you've added all your vehicles to your account with their licence plate numbers, you're covered for travel on CityLink and EastLink. Tag accounts are valid for all toll roads in Australia.

    Are you a taxi driver or business owner? Consider opening a Commercial account or Taxi account.

    Need help choosing an account or pass that's right for you? Try our easy-to-use help me choose tool.

    What account or pass should I get?

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