You're a few steps away from no more toll invoice fees

Open a Linkt account, pay your toll invoice and we'll credit your new account the $13.40 invoice fee.

Open a Linkt account

Choose either an Everyday or Access account. Ensure you enter the promo code NOFEE when you reach the payment page.

Pay your toll invoice

Once you've successfully opened an account and the NOFEE promo code has been applied, you will need to pay your toll invoice (including the $13.40 toll invoice fee).

Receive a toll credit

We'll do the rest by applying a $13.40 toll credit to your new account.

Choose an account that suits your needs

Regular travel
Travel at least once a month
Everyday Account
  • Lowest price for frequent travel
  • Pre-paid account
  • Tag beeps give account status
  • No vehicle matching fees
  • Australia-wide travel
Occasional travel
Travel a few times a year
Access Account
  • Ideal for occasional travel
  • Low up-front costs
  • Post-paid tagless travel
  • Vehicle matching fees apply
  • Melbourne toll roads only

Terms and Conditions

This is only available for new Linkt account customers who open an Access Account or Everyday Account online (unless otherwise withdrawn by Linkt). Terms and conditions apply to each account. You must pay the toll invoice in full (including the $13.40 toll invoice fee) by the due date specified on that toll invoice. A toll credit of $13.40 will be applied to your new account within 10-15 business days after you successfully open it. The licence plate listed on the toll invoice must be added to the new account you open. This is limited to one toll credit per toll invoice. It does not apply to existing Linkt account customers. Once redeemed, no further Toll Invoice fees will be refunded as toll credits for that licence plate number. Only one account can be opened, and only one Toll Invoice fee can be refunded as a toll credit, per licence plate number. If an account already exists with the associated licence plate number, the toll invoice fee will not be refunded.