Effective 1 July 2017, taxi tolls will increase for travel on CityLink and EastLink. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Taxi tolls


  • Western Link $6.10
  • Southern Link $6.10
  • Both of Western and Southern Link $8.00
  • Batman Avenue only (Exhibition Street Extension) - No toll
  • CityLink metro taxi pass (day toll for a metropolitan taxi) $17.37—increases every quarter
  • CityLink rural taxi pass (day toll for C or U plated taxi) $7.00


  • Melba Tunnel or Mullum Mullum Tunnel $2.82
  • Any part of EastLink south of Maroondah Highway $2.65
  • One tunnel plus any part of EastLink south of Maroondah Highway $5.47
  • Ringwood Bypass - No toll
  • EastLink Trip Pass (regional/rural taxis) $6.13


Taxi owner

To keep passengers informed about the changes and prevent avoidable fees, as the taxi owner you must ensure you: 

  1. collect the stickers displaying CityLink and EastLink tolls from your depot from 28 June 2017
  2. correctly install an e-TAG holder on the inside of each windscreen
  3. remove expired taxi toll stickers
  4. stick the two new stickers to the inside of your vehicle/s

Taxi driver

To keep your passengers informed about the changes, make sure: 

  1. expired toll stickers have been removed by the taxi owner
  2. the taxi owner has placed the two new stickers to the inside of the vehicle
  3. the taxi you operate is always displaying the correct tolls

Handy tips

  • ensure tolls are charged correctly by positioning the e-TAG onto the e-TAG holder at the start of the shift and remember to remove the e-TAG at the end of the shift
  • prevent avoidable fees by ensuring the e-TAG is correctly installed—listen for one beep as the taxi travels through the toll point, which means the toll has been charged to the account
  • for a smoother journey, review and increase your top-up amount, to make sure your account has enough funds to cover travel on CityLink and EastLink
  • if you manually top-up your account, make your life even easier and set up an automatic top-up. This will help you keep your account with a positive balance

Staying informed

All Victorian metropolitan taxi owners and drivers, and all Victorian taxi depots (metropolitan and rural) have been advised about these changes via their preferred contact method.

To always keep up-to-date with important information about your account, log into your account and check your contact details are correct—including your email, mobile number and mailing address.