A dynamic speed limit trial will begin next month on the CityLink/Tullamarine corridor, giving drivers a more reliable trip on one of Melbourne's busiest road networks.

The six-month trial will see speeds increase from 80 km/h up to 100 km/h during off peak periods when it's safe to do so between Bulla Road and the Bolte Bridge.

Speed limits will be increased when certain traffic volumes and weather conditions are met, using the newly installed technology including road sensors, overhead electronic signs and CCTV to monitor the freeway and raise speeds based on the live traffic environment.

Drivers are already experiencing faster travel times and a safer road since new lanes opened and the freeway management system switched on in October last year as part of the CityLink Tulla Widening Project.

In the morning peak, average travel times for trips between Moreland Road and the Bolte Bridge have decreased by almost 40 per cent, while the number of inbound crashes on the Bolte Bridge has reduced by more than 70 per cent since the new lanes were added.

The whole CityLink Tulla Widening Project will be completed this year, providing further benefits to drivers all the way to the airport.