This week, signals on all entry ramps to the CityLink/Tullamarine corridor will be switched on to help manage traffic flow on the freeway.

From Thursday 26 April, the signals on all entry ramps between Bulla Road and the Bolte Bridge will be turned on to improve the way traffic enters the freeway.

The traffic signals on entry ramps will generally be switched on during peak traffic periods or when the freeway traffic begins to build. While you may find yourself waiting on the ramp for a short period of time, the signals help to space out the number of vehicles entering the freeway making merging safer and easier and helping with more reliable traffic flow on the freeway.

The ramp signals will be switched on at:

  • Bell Street / Pascoe Vale Road (inbound)
  • Brunswick Road (outbound)
  • Bulla Road (inbound)
  • Dynon Road (outbound)
  • Footscray Road (inbound and outbound)
  • Flemington Road (outbound)
  • Moreland Road (inbound)
  • Racecourse Road (inbound)

To find out more about smart motorways and to watch a short video visit the CityLink Tulla Widening Project website.