The Bolte Bridge entry ramp from the West Gate Freeway (westbound) will be closed for works from 10pm 27 December to 6am 29 December 2018. As a result, travel times on some routes including this ramp may be affected during the closure period. View available detours.

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Results are estimates of travel times, toll costs and vehicle efficiency calculations for a standard passenger car and traffic lights avoided. Individual results may vary based on the type of vehicle you drive, your specific origin and destination, and traffic conditions at your time of travel.

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Travel times are predictions based on data from the Google Maps Directions API. Individual travel times, best alternative routes and travel savings may vary based on your specific origin, destination and traffic conditions at your time of travel. Tolled trips are example routes only and do not reflect all toll road entry and exits.

Toll costs are based on the trip cost for a single direction trip for an Access Account (including $0.55 vehicle matching fee) for a standard car. The price of your trip will depend on how far you travel, the type of vehicle you drive and the account or pass you choose. Use our toll calculator to quickly estimate the cost of your CityLink trips based for your individual travel needs and vehicle type.

Fuel and CO2 savings are based on formulas extracted from vehicle emissions modelling software COPERT Australia, utilising distance and time information from Google Maps Directions API to calculate travel speed. Results represent a typical petrol passenger car.

Traffic light information is sourced from VicRoads open data by VicRoads and is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. Traffic light counts are based on intersection traffic lights.

  • Travel calculations

    Tolled trip and Alternative route

    Tolled trips are example trips only, and represent trips that incorporate a toll road(s). Alternative trip refers to the alternative route related to the selected Tolled trip as determined by Google Maps Directions API (Alternative trip). Alternative routes may change over time based on Google Maps Directions API.

    In some instances, portions of the Tolled trip are not toll roads though a necessary part of the journey if you take the Tolled trip. (e.g. West Gate Freeway between CityLink Western Link and CityLink Southern Link)

    Travel times are based on time of departure from the relevant origins of the Tolled trip and the Alternative trip

    Location labels

    Start point and end point labels are general in nature, and location names have been used to provide a common reference for users.

    Toll costs

    Toll costs are based on the trip cost for a single direction trip for an Access Account (including $0.55 vehicle matching fee) for a standard car. Motorbikes, light and heavy commercial vehicles may be charged at a rate that is different to the estimate provided in this tool. Refer to our toll calculator for more detail.

    Changing time and day of travel

    By default, Trip Compare displays the current predicted travel times for the selected sections. When a user adjusts the time and day of travel, travel times are based on the predicted future travel times provided by Google Maps Directions API.

    Vehicle efficiency (fuel used and CO2 emitted)

    Vehicle fuel and greenhouse gas estimates are based on formulas extracted from vehicle emissions modelling software COPERT Australia. This method is consistent with what Transurban uses each year in its annual public Sustainability Report to estimate customer vehicle emissions. Comparisons take into account trip distance and travel time information from Google Maps Directions API to calculate the speed for each Tolled route and Alternative route. Results represent a typical petrol passenger car. Actual fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions will vary for individual vehicle models and driving behaviour.

    Fuel and emissions conversion factors are sourced from the Australian Government – Department of the Environment and Energy National Greenhouse Accounts Factors for post-2004 vehicles. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence.

    Traffic lights

    Lights information is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public Licence.

    Traffic light counts are calculated based on the total number of intersection traffic lights on the relevant Tolled and Alternative trips. Traffic light points are sourced from VicRoads open data “Traffic Signals dataset”.

    Google Maps API

    When you use the Linkt "Trip compare" tool, you are bound by Google’s Terms of Service.

    Travel calculations disclaimer

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