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Add, remove or update vehicles
Add, remove or update vehicles linked to your account online or on the Linkt app. You can also add temporary vehicles and rental cars. Learn more.
Change your licence plate number
Do you need to update your car rego? Find out how to change or edit your licence plate number or car registration.
If you are selling or have sold your vehicle
Have you sold your car? Do you plan to sell your vehicle soon? Find out what to do with your Linkt account when you are selling or planning to sell your vehicle.
Linkt email asking if you've sold a vehicle
Find out why we send emails and SMS reminding you to update or check the vehicles on your account.
How to close your account
Need to close your Linkt account? Find out how.
Update your contact details
Find out how to update your contact details on your Linkt account.
How to close your account using the Linkt iOS app
Need to close your Linkt account? Find out how.
Why have my card details been removed from my account?
We upgraded our payment systems on 22 August to improve the speed of transactions and provide extra security. So, all saved payment card details needed to be verified to be able to process payments in the upgraded system. Find out more.
Reactivate a suspended account
Find out how to reactivate your Linkt account when it has been suspended
Add car to account after using a toll road
Have you used a toll road recently? Do you need to cover recent travel or backdate recent trips? Find out how you can add a car to your account after you drive on a toll road.

How to install a tagĀ 

Follow our 3 easy steps to installing your Linkt tag.

How to remove a tag holder

Follow these simple steps to successfully remove a tag holder from your vehicle's windscreen.

What do the Beeps mean

Tags make different sounds depending on the status of your Linkt account. Your tag may change its sound to warn you of a problem with your account.