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How to pay your Melbourne tolls
Find out more about convenient payment options for your Melbourne toll travel, including toll invoices, and topping up your account.
Make a payment without logging in
Find out how to make a payment without logging in to your Linkt account.
Update your payment details
Make sure your account's payment details are always up to date. Learn how to update your payment details and preferences online or on the Linkt app.
Pay for tolls in Melbourne
Already travelled? Find out how to pay for your travel on Melbourne toll roads.
Direct debit payment failures
Direct debit payments fail when there's insufficient funds or incorrect details. Learn how to update your payment details or make a one-off payment.
Payments, tolls and fees
Find out about your payment options with Linkt accounts and passes, toll costs, and how fees work. Find useful articles and instructions in our Help Centre now.
Commercial Account payment options
Commercial Accounts are billed monthly and can be paid manually or with auto pay. Learn more about Commercial Account payment options.
Pay with manual top up
Manually top up your Prepaid Account online or on the Linkt app. Just make sure you've got enough prepaid credit to cover your toll road trips. Learn more.
Pay with direct debit
With a Prepaid or Postpaid Account, you can pay your tolls with direct debit. Just link your bank account when you log in, online or through the Linkt app.
Find your travel and payment history
View and export your statements and payment history online or on the Linkt app. This can be useful for reporting your expenses at tax time. Learn more.

How to install a tagĀ 

Follow our 3 easy steps to installing your Linkt tag.

How to remove a tag holder

Follow these simple steps to successfully remove a tag holder from your vehicle's windscreen.

What do the Beeps mean

Tags make different sounds depending on the status of your Linkt account. Your tag may change its sound to warn you of a problem with your account.