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Tag health check
Your tag should always beep when you travel through toll points. If your tag doesn't beep, an additional fee applies per trip. Avoid the fees, take the health check.
Return your tag
If your tag is faulty, you've got the wrong tag, or no longer need it, you can return the tag to your local city address. Learn more.
Commercial Account
The Linkt Commercial account is the easy and convenient way to manage your large fleet’s toll road travel. Find out how to apply.
Add vehicles on a Commercial Account
Add single or multiple vehicles to a Commercial Account online. You can add/remove a vehicle manually or do a bulk vehicle upload in a few steps. Learn more.
Remove vehicles from a Commercial Account
Remove single or multiple vehicles from a Commercial Account online. You can remove a vehicle manually or make bulk vehicle updates in few simple steps.
Help me choose - Accounts & passes compared
Do you need an account or a pass to cover your toll road travel? Find out which one's right for you by answering a few quick questions.
Accounts for taxi drivers and fleets
Features include bulk vehicle management, online data and analytics . Monthly invoices and an annual account fee of $71.50. ... Taxis and airports. To travel to an airport with your taxi, you'll need an Prepaid Account or an approved Commercial Account
Order tags for your Commercial Account
Replace lost or stolen tags or order extra tags for your Commercial Account at any time online. You can also do bulk tag orders. Learn more.
Commercial Account fees
Learn about fees and charges for a Commercial Account. This includes a detailed breakdown of each fee, the amount, and a description.
Commercial Account Customer Service Agreement
When you open a Commercial Account, you agree to our Commercial Account Customer Service Agreement (CSA). Learn more about this policy.

How to install a tag 

Follow our 3 easy steps to installing your Linkt tag.

How to remove a tag holder

Follow these simple steps to successfully remove a tag holder from your vehicle's windscreen.

What do the Beeps mean

Tags make different sounds depending on the status of your Linkt account. Your tag may change its sound to warn you of a problem with your account.