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Trouble logging in to your account
If you can't log in to your account, you may need to recover or reset your login details. Learn how to easily reset your password or username.
Update your contact details
You can update your personal or contact details on your account online or on the Linkt app. Update your address, phone, email, name and more. Learn more.
Tag health check
Your tag should always beep when you travel through toll points. If your tag doesn't beep, an additional fee applies per trip. Avoid the fees, take the health check.
Find your username
If you can't remember your username, you can find your username online or on the Linkt app. We'll send it to you by SMS or email. Learn more.
Pay with direct debit
With a Prepaid or Postpaid Account, you can pay your tolls with direct debit. Just link your bank account when you log in, online or through the Linkt app.
View and download Linkt forms for Melbourne toll road travel.
How to redeem - Shell Coles Express
Redeem Linkt Rewards, such as fuel discounts, by logging in to your account online or on the Linkt app. Learn about claiming your rewards and access errors.
Set a low balance alert
Low balance alerts notify you when your Prepaid Account balance is getting low. Set the amount you'd like to trigger the alert online or on the Linkt app.
Transfer a toll invoice to an account
Transfer toll invoices to your Linkt account or another operator. Learn about the different transfer and payment options for each account type.
Find your travel and payment history
View and export your statements and payment history online or on the Linkt app. This can be useful for reporting your expenses at tax time. Learn more.

How to install a tagĀ 

Follow our 3 easy steps to installing your Linkt tag.

How to remove a tag holder

Follow these simple steps to successfully remove a tag holder from your vehicle's windscreen.

What do the Beeps mean

Tags make different sounds depending on the status of your Linkt account. Your tag may change its sound to warn you of a problem with your account.