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Select Vehicles from the main menu. Select Add vehicle from the vehicle actions bar at the top of the page. ... Select Vehicles from the main menu. Select Remove vehicles from the vehicle actions bar at the top of the page.
Change your licence plate number
Do you need to update your car rego? Find out how to change or edit your licence plate number or car registration.
Update your contact details
Find out how to update your contact details on your Linkt account.
Linkt email asking if you've sold a vehicle
Find out why we send emails and SMS reminding you to update or check the vehicles on your account.
Changing your name or title
Find out how to update your title, first name or last name on your Linkt account.
Validate your payment card message from Linkt
If you’ve received an email or SMS from Linkt about your Visa card expiry date, please log in to your account and check that the card expiry date we have on file is correct and up to date.
Add, remove or update vehicles on your account
Find out how to add, update and remove vehicles on your Linkt account, as well as how soon you can travel after adding a vehicle.
If you are selling or have sold your vehicle
Have you sold your car? Do you plan to sell your vehicle soon? Find out what to do with your Linkt account when you are selling or planning to sell your vehicle.
Pay for tolls in Melbourne
Already travelled? Find out how to pay for your travel on Melbourne toll roads.
Email enquiry confirmation
You can manage your account online or download the Linkt app to make a payment, add or remove vehicles, request a tag, view your trip and payment history and resolve other

How to install a tag 

Follow our 3 easy steps to installing your Linkt tag.

How to remove a tag holder

Follow these simple steps to successfully remove a tag holder from your vehicle's windscreen.

What do the Beeps mean

Tags make different sounds depending on the status of your Linkt account. Your tag may change its sound to warn you of a problem with your account.