Roam Express is now Transurban Linkt

We’ve been making some big, exciting changes to your toll road account.

From now on you’ll know Roam Express as Transurban Linkt.

But that’s just the beginning. We’re also making a huge effort to give you a better experience. It’s our mission to link you with the best product for your needs and budget. To link you with our new mobile app. To link you with where you want to go. We’re even working to link you with rewards from our retail partners.

So get ready to enjoy the journey as we share with you all the reasons why it’s better to be Linkt.

About Transurban Linkt

Road travel is convenient, but sometimes it can be frustrating. That's why Transurban Linkt is working hard to make your travel experience as painless as possible. We give you access to toll road networks that offer quicker journeys, safer travel and a smoother ride.

With Transurban Linkt, you can easily manage your account online or over the phone. You can also enjoy the benefits of toll travel anywhere in Australia—our accounts and passes work on all Australian toll roads, not just those in Sydney.


Transurban Linkt is owned and managed by Transurban. Established in 1996, Transurban is an Australian company that manages and develops toll road networks in Australia and the United States.

At the heart of our business strategy is a desire to meet the needs of our customers and be a partner of choice for our government clients. To make this happen, we develop effective transport solutions to support the growth and liveability of our cities.

We do this through the smart management of our existing road networks, active involvement in transport policy debate, and the application of unique skills to the infrastructure challenges in our markets.

In achieving our objective, we’ve built on our strengths in the following areas:

  • Network planning and forecasting
  • Operations and customer management
  • Project development and delivery
  • Application of technology
  • Community engagement

Find out more about Transurban.


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