How do I install a tag in a car?

3 easy steps to installing your tag

1. Insert tag into holder

Your tag comes with a handy holder that will stick to your vehicle’s windscreen. For now make sure to keep the adhesive cover on the back of the holder. Insert the tag into holder until it clicks into place.

2. Position your tag

Position the tag horizontally on your windscreen just behind the rear view mirror. To make sure you can easily remove the tag from the holder, leave at least 7 cm between the tag and the rear view mirror.

If your vehicle has a metallic windscreen, place the tag within the area that's dotted or lighter that the rest of the windscreen. Read more about metallic windcreens

3. Stick your tag in place

Once you're happy with the position, using the wipe that came with the tag to clean the area and allow it to dry.

Then remove the tape from the holder and press it firmly against the windscreen for 30 seconds.

Make sure your tag is correctly installed and working, otherwise it wont be detected and you may incur a no tag in vehicle fee or receive a toll notice.

Keep the tag in its holder for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set.