I have a Tag account but I received a toll notice

When your Tag account is topped up and your account details are up to date, all your toll payments are automatically deducted from your account.

You will receive a toll notice if:

  • your account balance falls below $0  

You may receive a toll notice if:

  • your Tag isn’t installed correctly and/or beeping and
  • your licence plate number isn’t registered to your account


You will be charged a no tag in vehicle fee if your tag isn’t installed correctly and/or beeping.

No tag in vehicle fees are $0.75 per trip for the WestLink M7 or $0.55 per trip for all other Sydney toll roads.

To avoid toll notices and unnecessary fees check that:

  • your account is active and has a positive balance
  • all your vehicles are registered to your Tag account
  • your tag is correctly installed and beeps once when you pass through a toll point