What is my vehicle class?

Vehicles are divided into classes and charged differently on toll roads.

Your vehicle's class depends on its size. 

Current standard classes are:

  • Car (Class A/ Class 2) — Vehicles less than 2.8m in height and 12.5m in length. Vehicle length measurement includes trailers.
  • Heavy commercial vehicle (Class B/ Class 4) All other vehicles (also referred to as HCV).

The Eastern Distributor currently divides vehicles into classes 2 and 4:

  • Class 2 (Car/ Class A) A motor vehicle under 2.8m in height with two or less axles, or a motor vehicle under 2.0m in height with three or less axles. The axle count and height measurement includes trailers.
  • Class 4 (Heavy commercial vehicle/ Class B) — All other vehicles (also referred to as HCV).