Tag account fees

A Tag account is generally the most affordable way to pay for regular toll road travel. Below are descriptions of the fees for this pre-paid account.

Account set up

These one-off fees will get your account good to go.

Type Description

Start-up fee


There are no start-up fees to open a Tag account.

Tag deposit

$15 per tag, refundable when it's returned

You’ll pay this one-off amount to receive a new tag. When you close your account, you’ll get this deposit back.

Or if you prefer, you can rent a tag for $0.90/month.

Opening credit

$20 payment for auto top-up accounts

Or $30 for manual top-up accounts.

This amount will get you started for your travel on any Australian toll road. 

Ongoing costs

These regular payments keep your account active.

Type Description

Top up trigger

$15, or any larger amount as agreed

When you set up auto payments, the minimum top-up amount (or any larger amount you've chosen that we've approved) is deducted whenever your balance falls below the trigger amount.

If you’ve chosen manual payments, we recommend that you top up your account when your account balance falls below $20.

Minimum top-up


Or the difference between your account balance and $20, whichever is greater.

If you set-up auto payments, this is the minimum you'll need to pay when topping up your account.

Statement fee

Free online and by email

Or $2.75 by post.


The price of your toll travel is deducted from your account credit. See individual toll road pages for pricing.

Other possible costs

You’ll only have to pay these fees in specific circumstances.

Type Description

Toll notice transfer fee

This is the fee you’ll be charged to transfer a toll notice to your account. These amounts are lower than the toll administration fees on the toll notice, which we’ll waive when you transfer your notice.

On Westlink M7:
$1.90 per toll notice (white letter)
$2.90 per follow-up notice (pink letter)

On all other Sydney toll roads:
$1.10 per toll notice (white letter)
$2.20 per follow-up notice (pink letter)

These fees may be different for interstate toll notices.

Additional statement fee

$3.30 by post

You'll pay this for every additional statement you ask to receive by mail.

No tag in vehicle fee

This is the fee you’ll be charged if we can’t detect a working tag in your vehicle, and have to match your licence plate number to your account.

$0.75 per trip on Westlink M7
$0.55 per trip on all other Sydney toll roads

This fee is set by each tollroad, so you’re travelling interstate, these fees may be different.

Tag non-return fee

$15 per tag

You’ll be charged this if you don't return your working tag to us when we request it. 

Payment methods

Type Description
Payment card surcharge
Visa credit: 0.49%
Visa debit: 0.26%
MasterCard credit: 0.49%
MasterCard debit: 0.26%
AMEX: 2.15%
Diners Club: 1.90%

Fees last updated on 27 November 2018. Prices include GST unless otherwise noted.

Linkt Tag Account Customer Service Agreement