LinktGO refer a friend terms and conditions

1. Am I eligible?

  1. To refer friends, you must be a current LinktGO customer (Referring Customer).
  2. To be referred, you must not be a current or past LinktGO customer (Referred Friend).

2. How do Referring Customers refer people?

  1. We will send Referring Customers a unique referral code and message that the Referring Customer can share.
  2. The Referring Customer can refer as many people as they want – there is no limit on the number of times the unique referral code can be used.
  3. The Referring Customer must have the Referred Friend's consent before sending them the referral link via email or SMS.
  4. For social media, the Referring Customer can post their referral code on their personal account but not on any site that is contributed to or owned by someone else (eg, OzBargain).
  5. The Referring Customer must not:
    1. share their referral link using search engine marketing (eg, Adwords, Yahoo or Bing) or coupon sites; or
    2. promote their referral link post using the words 'coupon', 'code', 'promo code', 'discount code', 'voucher code' or 'voucher'.

3. What does the Referring Customer get?

  1. For each Referred Friend who registers as a LinktGO customer by 14 September 2018 and sends us a message with the Referring Friend's referral code in the subject line via 'Get in Touch' in the LinktGO app, we will either:
    1. refund the payment for the Referring Customer's most recently paid trip; or
    2. if the Referring Customer has no paid trips at the time the Referred Friend registers and sends us a message, waive the payment for the unpaid trip that most closely precedes or follows the registration.
  2. The refunded or waived trip must be a valid trip as confirmed by toll-point data.

4. What do Referred Friends get?

  1. We will waive payment (or refund the first trip if the person has already paid) for the first trip the Referred Friend takes after registering and sending us the referral code.
  2. To qualify, the Referred Friend's first trip must be taken:
    1. within two weeks of registering; and
    2. before 28 September 2018.

5. Restrictions

  1. Referred Friends must register and send us a query using "Get in touch" with the referral code as the subject line by 14 September 2018 in order for the Referring Customer to have a trip waived or refunded.
  2. Referred Friends must take their first trip within two weeks of registering and by 28 September 2018 in order to get their first trip waived or refunded.
  3. The waived or refunded trip has no official monetary value and cannot be exchanged, transferred, redeemed, replaced or refunded for cash.
  4. The unique referral code is non-transferable.
  5. This promotion only applies to trips taken in a car or motorcycle.