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You need an account or pass to pay for Sydney toll road travel.

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Pay a toll notice or search for a toll notice using your licence plate number.

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  • I travelled on a toll road, how do I pay?

    I travelled on a toll road, how do I pay?

    You can buy a Sydney Pass or open an account after you've travelled, but there are time limits for doing so.

    For the Sydney Pass, you have 3 days after your first trip to buy a pass.

    For Tag and Tagless accounts, you have 7 days after your first trip* to open an account.

    If you don't cover your travel in these time frames, a toll notice with payment instructions will be sent to the vehicle's registered owner.

    *Backdating is only available for travel on Eastern Distributor, Hills M2, Lane Cove Tunnel & Military Road E-Ramp and Westlink M7 in NSW and CityLink in Victoria. If you have travelled on Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel, WestConnex M4 or M5 South-West Motorway account backdating is not available. 

  • Using toll roads in Australia

    Using toll roads in Australia

    Toll roads are roads that you must pay to travel on.

    In Australia, all toll roads are electronically tolled. There are no cash tollbooths. How much you pay generally depends on how far along the road you travel and the class of vehicle you are driving.

    The most convenient and cost-effective way to pay for toll roads is to open a Tag account. For less regular travel, you can open a Tagless account.

    If you're a visitor to Sydney or only need to use toll roads for a short time, you can buy a Sydney Pass.

    If you've travelled on a Sydney toll road, and you don't have an account, you can pay for your tolls by buying a Sydney Pass within 3 days or opening a Tag account or Tagless account within 7 days of your first trip.

    After 7 days, you will be posted a toll notice, which will include additional administration fees.

  • Using rental vehicles on toll roads

    Using rental vehicles on toll roads

    If you're driving a rental vehicle, please talk with your rental company about how to pay for travel on toll roads.

    Many rental cars come equipped with tag or tagless accounts. The rental company may require you to pay for toll fees at the end of your rental.

    If the rental company doesn't have a system for toll payments, let the rental company know how you intend to pay for tolls, or you may end up paying extra fees for toll notices they receive.

    Bring your own Sydney Pass

    Why not buy a Sydney Pass to use with your rental vehicle? Just register the licence plate number of the rental vehicle to your pass for the period that you'll be travelling.

    M5 Cashback Scheme

    The Cashback Scheme only applies to vehicles registered for private, pensioner or charitable use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to rental vehicles.

  • Information for international travellers

    Information for international travellers

    If you recently received a toll notice for travelling on an Australian toll road, it's important that you pay your toll notice to avoid further fees.

    If you feel the toll notice was issued in error, please email us and include the following information:

    • Toll notice number
    • licence plate number
    • your full name
    • date of travel

    and we’ll investigate the matter for you.

    Consider buying a Sydney Pass the next time you use Australian toll roads.


  • How do I calculate my travel costs?

    How do I calculate my travel costs?

    You can calculate the cost of your Sydney toll road travel by using our Sydney toll calculator.

    Our toll calculator includes pricing for every toll road in Sydney. It covers Eastern Distributor, Cross City Tunnel, Hills M2, Lane Cove Tunnel, Military Road E-Ramps, WestConnex M4, M5 South-West Motorway, Sydney Harbour Bridge & Harbour Tunnel and Westlink M7.

    To calculate any Melbourne and Brisbane toll travel costs, visit the CityLink Melbourne toll calculator and the go via Brisbane toll calculator.


  • Report an issue with a road

    Report an issue with a road

    For any issues relating to the operation or maintenance of the Cross City Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, Hills M2, Lane Cove Tunnel or Military Road E-Ramp please call us on 13 31 11 or complete the report a maintenance or operational road issue form.

    Issues may include noise complaints, vegetation management, maintenance complaints, road conditions, blockages, vehicle damage caused by an accident, requests for CCTV footage or unclear signage.