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M5 Cashback Scheme

The Cashback Scheme is a NSW Government initiative. Eligible drivers can claim back tolls for trips on the M5, excluding GST and other fees.

Who is eligible for the M5 Cashback?

You are eligible for the Cashback refund if:

  1. you are a NSW resident
  2. you have registered your Tag or Tagless account for Cashback
  3. you have submitted your claim within 12 months of the close of the Cashback quarter
  4. your vehicle is registered in NSW for private, pensioner or charitable use


These types of vehicle are not eligible for Cashback:

  • government or business registered vehicles
  • vehicles provided as part of a salary package (company vehicle)
  • leased vehicles
  • rented vehicles
  • smash repair courtesy vehicles
  • car dealership loan vehicles
  • interstate registered vehicles
  • any other vehicle registered as a business vehicle (e.g., 'business general' or 'primary producer')

How to claim the M5 Cashback

You need to have a registered Tag or Tagless account to claim the M5 Cashback. If you are signing up for a new account online you will be automatically registered for cashback. If you have an existing account you will need to register.

Claim online

  1. Log in to your Linkt account
  2. Click Cashback in the menu to the right
  3. Select Claim Cashback and follow the steps to claim

Claim by post

  1. Download and complete a Cashback Claim Form
  2. Attach the Cashback transaction statements that list your M5 usage
  3. Post the Cashback Claim Form and statements to:
    Roads and Maritime Services M5 Cashback
    Locked Bag 3
    Dubbo NSW 2830

To easily pay for tolls and claim the M5 Cashback, open an account.