Your Linkt Tag, Tagless, or Commercial account, or Sydney Passcovers you for travel on all toll roads in Australia, including Melbourne’s 2 toll roads, CityLink and EastLink. 

Melbourne tolls are deducted from your account or pass as you travel.

If you travel on a Melbourne toll road without an account or pass, you can pay for your travel by buying a pass within 3 days of your first trip. If you don't organise to pay within 3 days, an invoice for the cost of your travel plus an additional toll invoice admin fee will be sent to the vehicle's registered owner.

Melbourne’s toll road network

Melbourne has 2 toll roads, CityLink and EastLink. Both roads provide a convenient and safe way to get around.


CityLink is a Transurban-owned 22 km toll road linking the Monash, West Gate and Tullamarine freeways. CityLink connects Melbourne Airport to the city centre, the Port of Melbourne and the city's south-east. By using CityLink, you can avoid the stop-start of traffic lights, major roundabouts and school zones.


EastLink is a 39 km toll road linking the Eastern, Monash, Frankston and Peninsula Link freeways. EastLink connects Melbourne's eastern and south-eastern suburbs to the Mornington Peninsula.

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  • How do I add a car to my account after I've used a toll road?

    How do I add a car to my account after I've used a toll road?

    You can cover your trips on certain toll roads* even after you've travelled. Provided it's within 7 days of the date you travelled, add the car to your account and you'll be covered.

    When adding the car to your account, you'll have a choice to set a start and end date. The start date can be backdated by up to 7 days. If you travelled more than 7 days ago a toll invoice or notice will be sent to the car's registered owner. 

    To add a car to your account after you've driven, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Select Vehicles
    3. Select Add another vehicle
    4. Enter the car's details and then select I want to set a start and end time for this vehicle

    We'll match the licence plate to your account and any trips will be charged to your account along with a small fee for travelling without a tag.

    If the car is borrowed, be sure to set an end date so that you're not paying for someone else's travel. Once the end date has passed the car will be removed from your account.

    If you're driving a rental car you should check the policy of the rental company first and follow their advice.

    *Backdating is available for travel on all roads in QLD, and only on Eastern Distributor, Hills M2, Lane Cove Tunnel and Westlink M7 in NSW and CityLink in Victoria. 

    How to backdate a vehicle

  • How tolling works

    How tolling works

    Toll roads are roads that you must pay to travel on.

    In Australia, all toll roads are electronically tolled. There are no cash tollbooths. How much you pay generally depends on how far along the road you travel and the class of vehicle you are driving.

    The most convenient and cost-effective way to pay for toll roads is to open a Tag account. For less regular travel, you can open a Tagless account.

    If you're a visitor to Sydney or only need to use toll roads for a short time, you can buy a Sydney Pass.

    If you've travelled on a Sydney toll road, and you don't have an account, you can pay for your tolls by buying a Sydney Pass within 3 days or opening a Tag account or Tagless account within 7 days of your first trip.

    After 7 days, you will be posted a toll notice, which will include additional administration fees.

  • I have an account but I received a toll invoice or notice

    I have an account but I received a toll invoice or notice

    You may have received a toll invoice or notice if:

    • you were driving a car that hasn't been added to your account
    • your account was suspended at the time of travel
    • your tag is faulty or incorrectly installed

    Your account may have been suspended if:

    • you didn't made a payment by the due date
    • an auto payment failed

    To avoid toll invoices or notices, make sure your account is always topped up and active. If your account balance is low, your tag will beep 3 times as it passes through a toll point. You can check or update your payment details by logging in to your account.

    If you have a Commercial account, make sure you pay your monthly statement by the due date to avoid having your account suspended.

  • Using rental vehicles on toll roads

    Using rental vehicles on toll roads

    If you're renting a vehicle, it's a good idea to speak with your rental company first about how to pay for planned or unplanned toll road travel.

    If your rental company gives you the option to pay for your own tolls, simply add the licence plate of your rental vehicle to your Linkt account with a start and end date. Any toll travel in this time will be applied to your account. ‘No Tag in Vehicle’ fees apply if you’re travelling in a vehicle without your tag, so either take it with you or pay a fee for licence plate matching. If you don’t have an account but have the option to pay your own tolls, you can buy a pass or download LinktGO to use with your rental vehicle.

    If your rental company already has a toll account for the vehicle, they’ll likely arrange to charge you after the vehicle is returned and trips have appeared in their account.

    M5 Cashback Scheme

    The Cashback Scheme only applies to vehicles registered for private, pensioner or charitable use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to rental vehicles.

  • How are trailers or caravans tolled?

    How are trailers or caravans tolled?

    The cost of your trip depends on your vehicle class and the distance you travel. Towing a trailer or caravan may change your vehicle’s class and therefore increase the cost of your toll road trips.

    If you have a registered trailer or caravan with its own licence plate, we recommend you add this to your account:

    1. Log in to your account  and go to the Vehicles section
    2. Select Add another vehicle
    3. Select Other as the make and model, and Car as the class
    4. Manually type in the make and model of your caravan
    5. Click Add vehicle to save

    Adding your licence plate will help you avoid a toll invoice or notice with additional fees.

  • Can I use my tag on other toll roads?

    Can I use my tag on other toll roads?

    You can use your Linkt tag on any toll road in Australia.