We’ve put toll payment in the palm of your hand with a GPS-enabled app.

LinktGO is a groundbreaking new way to pay for your toll travel. The app uses your phone’s GPS, plus geo-fencing along Australian toll roads, to know when you’ve entered and exited a toll road—so you can travel without a tag.

Ideal for occasional toll road users, the app notifies you of the cost of your trip so you can pay as you go. Each trip is made up of the toll and a $0.95 service fee. LinktGO also lets you update your driver profile, raise and resolve queries, and deregister any time you like, all from the palm of your hand.

5 benefits of travelling with LinktGO

  1. Avoid extra fees and fines by paying as you go
  2. Only pay if and when you travel on a toll road
  3. Get trip notifications right after you travel, so you can review your costs before you pay
  4. Sign up easily through the app with just your mobile and licence plate numbers
  5. Be covered for travel even if your phone is flat or at home

We’ve built the app with your safety in mind, so LinktGO will only send you notifications after it senses you’ve stopped moving. It’ll also temporarily disable if you try to access it while driving.

We trialled the app for 5 months before releasing it, and made improvements based on customer feedback. If you’d like to give it a GO, it’s available for download on Android or iOS devices.

Download LinktGO