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Our new Sydney toll calculator: an easier way to understand your travel costs

You can use it to figure out the cost of future trips, or review charges for trips you’ve already made. 

Sydney’s toll road network is large and complex. So unless you’re a regular commuter, it can sometimes be hard to work out how much your tolls will be.

That's where our Sydney toll calculator comes in.

It's super easy. Just select the toll roads you’ll be using, including your entry and exit points, and the calculator will give you a price estimate based on your vehicle class and the account or pass you've chosen. You can even use it to help figure out what type of account or pass might suit you best.

On some roads, the amount you pay varies depending on when you travel. So you’ll also be asked for details about what day you’ll be travelling (weekday or weekend), and whether it'll be during the day or night.

Try the new Sydney toll calculator

Tell us what you think

We want our Sydney toll calculator to be as helpful as possible, so we’d love your feedback and ideas. If you spot any glitches, or have suggestions as to how we could make it better, there’s a button at the bottom of the toll calculator that’ll take you to a feedback form. 

Just keep in mind that the calculator is designed to work out your trip costs, so it can’t give you info on traffic, road conditions or the fastest route.