Sydney’s annual festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid Sydney, is on again from 26 May to 17 June.

With immersive light installations, cutting-edge contemporary music and thought-provoking creative workshops, Vivid Sydney is an exciting intersection of art, technology and entertainment. 

If you’re heading on a road trip to Sydney for the festival (great decision) using toll roads will mean less time in the car and more time experiencing what the program has to offer.

We’ve put together these handy tips to help you have a great visit:

  1. Plan your trips
    Not sure where the toll roads are in Sydney? Want to calculate the costs? Our easy-to-use toll calculator allows you to select the roads you’ll need to take and gives you an estimate of your travel costs.
  2. Avoid unexpected traffic
    Navigating Sydney traffic can be a challenge at the best of times. Plan ahead with the Live Traffic NSW app. The app features 24/7 road data and up-to-the minute info about incidents and road conditions so you can avoid getting stuck in the car on your way to an event.
  3. Buy a pass before you travel
    Not sure how to pay for tolls? A Sydney Pass is the easiest way to ensure you’re covered for travel on all Sydney roads. Just choose your travel dates, add your licence plate number, then link a credit card. Tolls and fees will be deducted after every $10 of travel. And you can manage your pass online. Find out more about opening a Sydney Pass
  4. Be safe
    Lots of people travel to Sydney for the festival from regional areas and other states, so country roads may be busier than normal. Make sure you stick to the speed limit and take regular rest breaks if you get sleepy. It’s much better to arrive a day late, but safely, than risk having an accident on the way.

We hope you enjoy your trip and the Vivid Sydney experience!