Our new Tagless account is the perfect way for occasional visitors to pay Sydney Tolls.

Our new Tagless account is the perfect way for occasional visitors to pay Sydney tolls. Like an ongoing version of the Sydney Pass or old Visitor's e-PASS, it's a new kind of account that gets you on the road for less - no tag, no up-front credit, no expiry and simple pay-as-you-go auto-payments.

Open a Tagless account

For a once-off setup fee of $1.50 (roughly what you’ll pay to set up a 30-day Sydney Pass) a Transurban Linkt Tagless account offers all the flexibility and simplicity of a temporary pass, but with 4 key advantages.

1. Save on set-up

A Tagless account never expires. It’s always good to go.

Temporary passes, like the Sydney Pass or Visitor's e-PASS are valid for up to 30 days only. If you visit Sydney once or twice a year, each time you need to visit Sydney, you’ll likely need to open a new pass and pay another set-up fee.

Each time you visit Sydney, your Tagless account will be ready and waiting for you to use to pay all your Sydney tolls.

2. Get mobile with the Linkt app

With a Tagless account, you can manage all your toll payments using our free Transurban Linkt app for iPhone or Android. You can view your recent trip history, monitor your spend and manage your vehicles—all with a few simple clicks. You can also set up Touch ID/finger print unlock or a 4 digit passcode for a quick, easy way to log in.

3. You’re covered no matter where you travel

As well as covering all Sydney toll roads, a Tagless account covers you for travel on any toll road in Australia.

4. Claim M5 Cashback

The government’s M5 Cashback Scheme lets NSW residents claim back the cost of M5 tolls when paying using a Tag or Tagless account.  If you’re a NSW resident, choosing to buy a Tagless account over a temporary pass, also means you’re eligible to claim back the cost of any M5 toll road trips.

You cannot claim the Cashback on M5 tolls paid with the Sydney Pass or equivalent temporary passes like the Visitor's e-PASS or Sydney Pass.

Open a Tagless account

Say you live on the NSW far north coast or in the Southern Tablelands and travel to and from Sydney a few times a year, in the past your only option was to open a Tag account or temporary pass, like the Sydney Pass or Visitor's e-PASS, each time you travelled.   

Our new Tagless account gives you the best of both worlds—the low upfront cost and simplicity of a temporary pass plus the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing your Sydney toll road costs are always covered. 

Instead of needing to stop and think about how to pay your Sydney tolls you can get on with the business of getting where you need to be.

Open a Tagless account