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The Visitor's e-PASS has a new name but it’s still the perfect choice for short-term visitors to Sydney.

Roam Express is now known as Transurban Linkt and the Roam Express Visitor's e-PASS also has a new name.

The Visitor's e-PASS was popular for short-term use on Sydney's toll roads. The new Sydney Pass offers the same low start-up fee and tagless travel as a Visitor’s e-PASS.

Just like a Visitor's e-PASS, the Sydney Pass still offers cover for up to 30 days and can be used on any toll road in Australia.

  • No tag required (vehicle matching fee of $0.75 per trip)
  • Valid for up to 30 days of unlimited travel
  • $1.50 start-up fee
  • Automatically debits your credit card

If you're looking for a casual pass to pay for travel on Sydney toll roads for up to 30 days, it’s still the way to go.

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