On 17 May, Roam Express became Transurban Linkt.

We've been making some big, exciting changes in an effort to put you first and get you good to go—or linked, as our name suggests—with new products, reduced fees and a streamlined account experience.

What’s changed for Roam Express e-TAG account customers?

Your e-TAG account is now known simply as a Tag account.

Your account statements and your online account have a new look, but your account and online access details are exactly the same.

Travelling with a tag is still the cheapest option for frequent travel. You’ll also continue to pay the same amount for your tolls, but we've reduced some of the fees related to tag accounts:

  • We’ve reduced the top up trigger amount from $20 to $15, giving you more flexibility to manage your account your way.
  • We’ve also reduced the tag non-return fee from $40 to $15, which is great news if you lose your old tag.

What’s changed for Visitor’s e-PASS holders?

Your Visitor’s e-PASS is now called a Sydney Pass.

A Sydney Pass works in much the same way as a Visitor’s e-PASS. You can log in and manage your vehicle and payment details as before. The one key difference is that your pass can no longer be extended beyond 30 days. 

If you already have a Visitor’s e-PASS with an end date later than 16 June 2017, that'll be the end date of your Sydney Pass. You just won't be able to extend it any further. If you think you might be doing more travel in the future, a Tagless account might be a better ongoing option.

Say hi to the new Tagless account

Our new Tagless account combines the simplicity of tagless travel with the ease of daily pay as you go billing.

If you only use Sydney toll roads occasionally, or simply prefer to travel without a tag, a Tagless account is the low commitment option that makes paying easy.

You can open a Tagless account online for $1.50. Link your credit card and licence plate number and you’re good to go on any toll road in Australia.

What hasn’t changed

Your current tag or pass will still work on all Australian toll roads, and you can keep paying for your trips the same way you’ve always done.

Your account number hasn’t changed and you can log in and manage your account online as before. 

If you have a Commercial account, it'll be business as usual for you, with the same easy access to detailed trip data, monthly invoicing, and a dedicated support team.

Our phone number is still the same and our customer support team is here to help, 7am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday.

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