Your Roam account has changed for the better

As of Friday 8 February, all Roam customers have become Linkt.

At Linkt, we make toll road travel easy. We’re putting you first and making you better connected, or linked, as our name suggests.

The best thing is you don’t need to do a thing – you’re good to go. All of your vehicle details, account information and contact information stays the same.

Watch this video to find out why it’s better to be Linkt.

What's changed for me?

  • Have an e-TAG account?

    Your Roam e-TAG account is now a Linkt Tag account. Your account details and the login page look different but your account and online access details remain the same.

    Travelling with a tag is still the cheapest option for frequent travel. You’ll continue to pay the same amount for your tolls but as a Linkt customer, you’ll benefit from the following reduced fees:

    • $0 deposit per tag (not $40)
    • Free tag holders (not $3)
    • $20 minimum top up (not $50)
    • No $11 suspension fee (but it's always a good idea to make sure your account is in credit to avoid toll notices)
  • Have a Roam Visitor's e-PASS?

    Your Roam Visitor’s e-PASS is now a Linkt Sydney Pass. You’ll now be covered for travel on any toll road in Australia and you can keep paying for your trips the same way you’ve always done.

    Your pass number hasn’t changed and you can log in and manage your pass details online as before, with your Roam username and password.

  • Have a Roam Commercial account?

    Your Roam Commercial account is now a Linkt Commercial account. It’s business as usual with the same access to detailed trip data and monthly invoicing, but as a Linkt customer you’ll also benefit from the following reduced fees:

    • $5 monthly account fee (not $11)
    • $0 tag deposit per tag (not $40)
    • Free tag holders (not $3)
    • No suspension fee for vehicles


  • Need to pay a Westlink M7 toll notice?

    You can search for and pay toll notices for travel on Westlink M7 here.

    Search or pay for Westlink M7 toll notices

New ways to pay

If you’re a Tag account customer you’ll be able to make a quick top up using the Linkt account management app. Find out more about the app features here.

Paying by credit card?

If you make payments to your Roam account with a credit card, a slightly higher payment card surcharge applies. Current surcharge rates are available here. For a fee free option, switch to a direct debit from your nominated bank account. Find out how.

From Friday 8 February, Tollaust Pty Limited, a member of the Transurban Group and trading under the Linkt brand, replaces Roam Tolling Pty Limited (as agent) and WSO Co Pty Ltd (as concessionaire for Westlink M7) as the counterparty under your Customer Service Agreement and assumes all of WSO Co Pty Ltd’s rights and obligations under the agreement. Your new Linkt Customer Service Agreements with Tollaust Pty Limited are available here. From now on our Linkt team are available to handle any enquiries related to your account.