Fees and charges (Queensland)

Below are the fees and charges that may apply to Linkt payment options. Please note that these fees exclude any toll costs. View current toll costs.

Tolls, fees and charges are inclusive of GST. Toll prices and fees are adjusted on 1 July each year, in line with the annual Brisbane Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase.

Fees Current fees When and how it applies
Video Matching Fee* $0.54

Applies each time a vehicle travels on a Queensland tollroad, without a tag or when a tag is not detected at the time of passage.

This fee is set by each tollroad, so if you’re travelling interstate these fees may be different.

NOTE: Video matching fees for travel on AirportlinkM7 are calculated per trip. On all other Queensland toll roads, a video matching fee is charged per toll point.

Retail Service Fee $0.00 This fee has been reduced to $0.00.
Manual Top-up Fee $0.00 This fee has been reduced to $0.00.
Requested Statement Fee** $2.75 For a requested statement, fee for each paper statement that you request from us.
Direct Debit Return Payment Fee $2.50 Subject to the relevant bank charge.
Tag Non-return Fee $15 For each tag that is not returned on closure of a Linkt account, or for when your tag has been lost or stolen.

Payment Card Surcharge

(This charge is imposed by your credit provider to process your payment)

MasterCard Credit: 0.78%
MasterCard Debit/PrePaid: 0.49%
Visa Credit: 0.77%
Visa Debit/PrePaid: 0.35%
AMEX: 2.15%
These rates are current and are indicative of what you may be charged. Please check with your preferred financial institution, as these rates are variable and may be subject to change. 

Last reviewed on 21 July 2022.
Overdue Interest Charge
1.25% Calculated and charged on the overdue balance 31 days post the due date.

Toll Invoice Fee

(User Administration Charge)

For a toll invoice that is issued.

Demand Notice Fee

(Administration Charge)

$26.55 For a demand notice that is issued.

* In special circumstances the fee may not apply to vehicles which are not suitable for tag use such as car carriers, motorbikes, cranes and vehicles fitted with metallic windshields where this vehicle is part of a full account. A vehicle matching fee may form part of a user administration charge. Please contact Linkt if you require further assistance.

** Only where a name and address has been supplied are you eligible to opt in for printed Linkt statements. This option is available for Linkt accounts and selected Linkt passes.